The ImageRead function performs the same operation as the cfimage read action . However, you cannot use the cfimage tag to read and create. You can use the cfimage tag to perform common image manipulation operations as a border; captcha; convert; info; read; resize; rotate; write; writeToBrowser. The other day, I needed to do some on-the-fly conversion of PNG image files to JPG format in ColdFusion. This was part of stop-gap measure at.

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Width in pixels of the image. Reading an image from a URL and writing it to disk could be done this way: Also, image quality can degrade; for example, PNG images support bit color, but GIF images support only colors. You can use the write action to change the quality of a JPEG image to reduce file size. If cfimaage specified font is not available, falls back to system fonts.

Convert an coonvert from one file format to another. The following are the valid values:. The new image is converted to the file type specified in the destination attribute.

Converting images

Values between 00 and FF are allowed. Valid HTML named colors. You can perform the following tasks with ColdFusion images: But, before we get into that, let’s just convwrt touch upon these new features as a whole. If you do not specify a format, the image is displayed in PNG format.

Like the methods and tags above, ImageNew can also take a variety of source types: I have also included the JPG quality value, but this was not necessary as that value defaults to. Quality of the JPEG destination file.


Converting an image to grayscale using the CFIMAGE tag in ColdFusion

When you resize an image, if you specify a value for the height, you can let ColdFusion calculate the aspect ratio by specifying “” as the width. So I am forced to make it a bit bigger to get rid of that white border. You can use this function to enlarge an image or create confert thumbnail image. String, int, int, coldfusion.

Rotate an image 30 degrees clockwise. We don’t have to perform actions just on new images; we can perform them on existing image objects: You can specify a specific interpolation algorithm by name for example, hammingby image quality for example, mediumQualityor by performance for example, highestPerformance.

That’s the quick ish overview on how you can read and write image files using ColdFusion 8’s new CFImage tag and accompanying image functions. Notice that to do this, I am specifying the source of the image the image object we created and the output format of Conert. You cannot display a GIF image in a browser. Now, with CFImage and an abundance of image-related functions, ColdFusion has done to image manipulation what it has done cfimqge almost every other aspect of Web applications development – it has made it simple.

To me, they are both binary objects I think.

Does it make any difference if you code the conversion of the image within the cfdocument tag attributes instead of within the tags? String getWidth – returns: The image format is determined by the file extension. String getClass – returns: Example of resizing an image stored in a variable and storing the result in a variable.


The absolute or relative path name to which you are going to write the image. Web relative path name. The following example shows how to set the thickness and color of a border:.

Image, int, int – returns: Convert an image to a different format in this case PNG. Cfomage is the DPI of the original image?

In the first example we are using the CFImage tag in conjunction with an absolute path name to the image. The com image format is not supported on this operating system. If you do not specify a format, the image is displayed in PNG format.

ColdFusion Help | Converting images

Let’s quickly cover writing images. You can specify both. If this value is blank, the height is calculated proportionately to the width. It’s not just important that the resultant data is image data, it’s also important that connvert last thing in the URL be the file name.

That might cfimaye it scaling the image down which is the same thing as lowering resolution. Add a red border of 5 pixels to an image, write the output to a variable. When you resize an image, if you specify a value for the width, you can let ColdFusion calculate the aspect ratio by specifying “” as the height. I’m not sure it will work, since I haven’t tried it.

For example, using a URL with this query string: You can cfomage both.