Cerber C52 is a burglar alarm system with 6 fully programmable zones on the motherboard, expandable to 12 by doubling and / or using keypad zones (each. Cerber c Users Guide – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Cerber C Zone and 2-Partition Burglary Control Panel For your home and office User’s Guide Doc / / version 1. INTRODUCTION.

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Cerber c612 Users Guide

Press [ ] key to exit system trouble displaying menu. Regular Away Arming [User Code] [x][x][x][x] or [x][x][x][x][x][x] This method, commonly used for day-to-day arming, will arm all zones in the system. Thus, the dispatcher will be informed that the derber action was performed under threat.

Partitioning can be used in installations where shared security systems are more practical, such as home offices or warehouse buildings. Once the command was entered, the master user should enter each allowed section by pressing the corresponding 2 cerbe i.

The most frequent cause of an alarm system not cetber when an intrusion or fire occurs is inadequate maintenance. System Troublesand when enetring the menu: Zone LEDs a While the system is completely armed: Passive Infrared Detectors do not provide volumetric area protection. If a new command is performed while this PGM type is being active, then the respective time lapse will be triggered again.


In order to enter programming session of the system time and date, the master user should introduce the format bellow: If any trouble condition occurs, it needs to be solved before arming to assure a proper function for system. In a partitioned system, in order to arm a partition by users assigned to only one partition, simply key in a valid user code; the corresponding partition will arm after exit time.

The keypad buzzer will sound 6 confirmation beeps and the panel exits the [] programming section, waiting for a new command to enter another section or [ ] key to exit the main programming menu.

This procedure can be performed also by pressing the [BYPS] key. Allowed default rights for these user codes are: The system time and date are necessary for correct recording of the events into the event LOG.

cerber C – user guide

After setting these options, press [ ] key to confirm. In a partitioned system, in order to stay arm a partition, by users assigned to only one partition, simply key in a valid user code within one of the previous sequences; the corresponding partition will stay arm.

In case of a monitored alarm system, authorities may not respond appropriately. The keypad buzzer will sound 3 beeps after each 2-digit group and 6 beeps after the last one.

Choose partition 1,2, The options displayed on the 2nd line state for choosing partition A 1partition B cefber or cancel command. They cannot detect motion or intrusion that takes place behind walls, ceiling, floors, closed doors, glass partitions, glass doors or windows.

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Cerbeg case there is no voice module on the main board or it was deactivated, the panel will report upon remote interrogation calls c621 to the follow me phone numbers only by specific synthesis sounds.

If the buzzer warnings were enabled by programming, during the exit delay time, the keypad buzzer will sound warning beeps. Program the 1-st Follow me Phone Number: Please note that the keypad is programmed to emit intermittent beeps at every 8 seconds, whenever a trouble condition occurs for first time. The list of messages that can be seen on the LCD keypads display is much longer, but easy to understand. The following sequence will be introduced: The system time and date programming is allowed to the master user only if the appropriate option does not disabled by programming see the appropriate option within [] section.

Quick arming features are allowed only if the appropriate options are enabled by programming in section []. The control panel is provided with protection against valid code guessing attempts. These events occur by activating the correspondingly 24h defined zones, or by v612 pressing a combination of keys from keypad: The programming sections allowed to the master user are: How cefber a partitioned system work?