The Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) is a federal program offered by the United States Air Force which grants two-year Associate of Applied Science. To obtain more information concerning the CCAF ISD Certification Program and program procedures, refer to the CCAF Campus Affiliations PPG or contact the. CCAF Instructional Systems Development (ISD) Certification Program The CCAF CCAF business practices referenced in the CCAF Campus Affiliations PPG.

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Maximum Semester Hours Business Finance Must be listed and identified in the offering institution s general catalog as satisfying the institution s freshman and sophomore general education graduation requirement designed for Waivers are considered only if approval of the waiver will make the student a degree candidate.

Technical Education 24 semester hours A minimum of 12 SHs of technical core subjects or courses must be applied and the remaining semester hours applied from technical core or technical elective subjects or courses. Program Elective Requirement 15 semester hours The following will satisfy the program elective requirement: Individuals considering teaching in the public education system upon retirement or separation should contact Troops-To-Teachers at DSN or Individuals may also visit Organize and deliver oral presentations to persuade, debate, argue or inform in a clear, concise and logical manner.

The system has the ability to check the status of the order online or students can opt to receive or fax notification for receipt of the order, any problems with the order, and final completion of the order.

Must emphasize the fundamentals of management and management of human resources.


Community College of the Air Force

A student disenrolled for fraud will have his or her transcript annotated with student was disenrolled for submitting fraudulent documents. Non-Traditional Academic Credit I.

The process of meeting these standards and earning official recognition is referred to as credentialing. A student successfully completing a course is reported to the registrar who records a grade of S satisfactory on the transcript.

An expired credential is no longer valid and the person may no longer exercise the privileges granted of that credential. Lead Education Technician Donna Jones When you enroll with us your tuition includes: To qualify, the member must have been awarded a 9Wseries Reporting Identifier RI for combat-related injuries or illnesses as reflected in the Military Personnel Data System. With more thanregistered students, the college is the largest multicampus community college in the world.

The master list of all CCAF courses. However, if an acceptable general education college-level mathematics course is applied as an applicable technical course, a natural science ccaff may be substituted for mathematics.

If a standard does not apply to the institution, the institution shall provide a detailed written justification and rational ppg to why the.

PPG Sustainability Report – Home

Maximum Semester Hours Cartography It provides a forum for addressing issues of mutual concern to both CCAF and the education services community; its primary focus is on the student body when making recommendations. Be recommended for certification by the affiliated school commander, commandant or faculty development chief. Commandant of the Marine.

Retrieved from ” https: Courses completed at foreign institutions are considered on an individual basis when submitted with a course-by-course evaluation from a American Ccqf of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers or a National Association of Credential Evaluation Services member.


Mailing time can be as long as 15 days. Ppy student must hold the journeyman 5 level in the appropriate AFSC at time of program completion.

A maximum of 9 SHs of CCAF degreeapplicable technical course credit otherwise not applicable to the program of enrollment.

About 6, CCAF faculty members provide quality instruction for the personal and professional development of enlisted personnel. You must be logged in.

However, practicum required for students who graduated the physical medicine apprentice course prior to 1 Feb A student must complete the Air Force physical medicine apprentice course to satisfy the technical core requirement. Strayer University at the More information. Students interested in pursuing professional credentials should contact the credentialing agency for information on credentials, eligibility requirements and testing procedures.

Sign Up with Google. Foreign language credit earned at the Defense Language Institute. The Air Force uses these scores as an indicator of the student s potential to make satisfactory progress in a career-related degree program. These outcomes are the overarching outcomes encompassed in all 68 CCAF degree programs.

Department of Education websites. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Maximum Semester Hours Accident Prevention The security and confidentiality of student records are central to the academic integrity of AU. The certification also recognizes the individual s ISD qualifications and experience in planning, developing, implementing and managing instructional systems.