Camillo Sitte’s The Art of Building Cities is one of the acknowledged on city building even raises this to the status of a working principle. The work of Sitte is not exactly a criticism shape or form of each building, but the. Source: Camillo Sitte, City Planning According to Artistic Principles, trans. Today’s city builder must, before all, acquire the noble virtue of an utmost humility .

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A single family living in the country can scarcely …. It was carried out already very early with an unrelenting thoroughness at Mannheim, whose plan looks exactly cwmillo a checkerboard; there exists not a single exception to the arid rule that all streets intersect perpendicularly and that each one runs straight in both directions until it reaches the countryside beyond the town.

Modernist movements rejected these thoughts and Le Corbusier is known for his energetic dismissals of the work. Fill in accordibg details below or click an icon to log in: The work of Sitte is not exactly a criticism of architectural form, it is more precisely an aesthetic criticism of the nineteenth century’s end urbanism.

By referencing Rome he outlines how some 6 out of churches sit on their own, a striking difference.

City Planning According to Artistic Principles

For all the magnitude his practice today has become, the study was one of modesty. The work of Sitte is not exactly a criticism of architectural form, it is more precisely an aesthetic criticism of the nineteenth century’s end urbanism. He traveled around the towns of Europe and tried to identify aspects that made towns feel warm and welcoming.

The exemplary creations of the old masters must remain alive with us in some other way than through slavish copying; only if we can determine in what the essentials of these creations consist, and if we can apply these meaningfully to modern conditions, will it be possible to harvest a new and flourishing crop from the apparently sterile soil. In it art and beauty are no more.


Regardless of how painful this may be to sensitive souls, the practical artist should not let himself be guided by sentimental impulses, because no artistic planning could be a thorough or lasting success unless it complied with modern living conditions.

The old private garden, customarily connected with several adjacent ones, all of which are guarded from the wind and dust of the streets by the enclosing facades of high buildings, provides a really refreshing coolness and, insofar as possible in the big city, clean dust- free air.

This inner struggle between the two opposing demands is not, however characteristic of town planning alone; it is present in all the arts, even in those apparently the freest, if only as a conflict between their ideal goals and the limiting conditions of the material in which the work of art is supposed to take shape…. City Building According To Artistic Newer Post Older Post Home.

Email required Address never made public. Retrieved from ” https: The effective enclosure of space, deriving as it does from the historical evolution of an original unbroken street front such as still exists today in villagescontinued to be the basis of all dispositions in the old towns.

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City Planning According to Artistic Principles – Camillo Sitte – Google Books

As this cannot be altered, the city planner must, like the architect, invent a scale appropriate for the modern city of millions…. He chooses to populate the plaza that envelops this extraordinary building. Although only two major streets intersect perpendicularly on this octagonal plaza, one still finds strangers frequently turning into one of them to look for the street name or a familiar house, thus to regain their orientation.


Where are they now? The artistic possibilities of modern systems of city planning should be judged from this standpoint, viz. Your email is never published nor shared. Pageviews from the past week. Sitte emphasized the creation of an irregular urban structure, spacious plazas, enhanced by monuments and other aesthetic elements.

Certainly not the satisfaction of a spontaneous gaiety is denied to any cultural level in which building does not proceed at apparent random from day to day, but instead constructs its plans intellectually on the drawing board.

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Piazza Della Signoria in Firenze, Italy, displays a crucial element of piazza design. However, biilding of siyte charms are already irretrievably lost for us since they no longer harmonize with modern living. It would, moreover, be quite short-signed not to recognize the extraordinary achievements of modern city planning in contrast to that of old in the field of hygiene. Genre Film healthy drama sci-fi constitution food action city article articles Western statistics culture street identity money eat music Rome style comedy work market protest industrialization suburbs greece law Paris New York urban politics republic government park poetry lifestyle christianity god ngo adventure crime england code.

However, in front of monumental structures the file of trees should be interrupted, since here aesthetic considerations are certainly much more important than their small hygienic value, and, as the lesser of two evils, the row of trees should be broken.

Yet, incredible as it seems, it has become a reality in Chicago.