bsnl inplant training report – Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. NOIDA INDUSTRIAL TRAINING REPORT BHARAT SANCHAR NIGAM LIMITED, has successfully completed six weeks Industrial Training in BSNL at Jammu. It is my esteemed pleasure to present the training report. I had a golden opportunity of getting industrial training at Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd. (Govt. Of India.

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In order to realize a RSU, the normal BM can be modified for communication with the host exchange via 2Mbps digital links.

It mainly consists of the servers that are providing the different services. Code division multiple access CDMA 9. Strowger he produced a working model in For removing the fault of telephone number, we use the testing These testing are T.

It is also known as Fault Remove Section. Therefore, total number of connecting wires are theoretically. When conversation is over, one or inplang parties hang up by replacing their handset on the base, stopping the flow of current. Bandwidth utilization Bandwidth utilization is the wise use of available bandwidth to achieve specific goals. World Wide Web WWW is a wide area bssnl information retrieval aiming to give universal access to a large universe of documents.

Engine Room We know that the batteries are the instant source of supply but we cannot use it for much larger time, thus for this, we have an engine to generate the power supply. Various units of OCB system are connected over token rings. This type of signaling is essential for the setting up of the ISDN network. About the exchange a. There are two types of master earth stations: The system supports all the existing signaling system. It is seventh in world today. In addition, they are provided additional facilities which are called ISDN services.


It ensures that the packets are decoded in the proper sequence and that all packets are received.

training report-BSNL

It can troubleshoot the problem; add new users as well as capable to block service given to user. Each cell group is assigned to a base station controller BSC. Each tag block is divided in 4 Segments.

The radio technology is able to provide same quality of services as that provided by the wires line. The courting is done from up 0 to down 7. The multiplexed circuit is used more efficiently.


In 1 Tag block there are tags. KU and RF electronics. In electrical fuse, when high voltage appears across it, then it will break up the connection and thus safeguard the system.

Compressor comes in various types. Communication and Information Systems in Organizations. They include negotiation between the client and the host, or peer and peer, on matters of flow and control, transaction- processing, transfer of user bsnk, and authentication to the network.


To reduce probability of each collision time slots are introduced so that the transmission could only at the start of the slots. Charging – Discharging Unit 4. Flexible service carrying data, Telex. The network layer defines how data packets get from one point to another on network. OMC For smooth working of an exchange following unit are very important: The routing information in each packet inpoant the network where to send the packets to reach its destination and bsn the receiving computer from where the packet originated.

Fuses Gas Discharge Tube G.

Summer training report in bsnl pdf download

It identifies each computer or node on a network uniquely. All the control units are implemented on the same type of hardware. Cordless type switch board: One rack is having eight tags. These tag blocks has 0 to 47 pairs. It supports both analog and digital subscribers. It deals with additional services of the exchange to the customers with the help of computers. It establishes a reliable protocol through the physical layer, so the network layer layer 3 can transmit its data.

It is fourth largest department of Telecommunication Company in Asia It is seventh in world today.