Dear Readers,. As spring is here, it is high time to wish you that Easter will bring you a lot of joy, happiness, hope, and light. Our wishes for this Easter. The FreeNAS Mini has emerged as the clear choice to . contact us via e-mail: [email protected] All trademarks presented in the magazine were used. FreeNAS is a free and open-source network-attached storage (NAS) software based on FreeBSD and the OpenZFS file system. It is licensed under the terms of the BSD License and runs on commodity . BSD Magazine. Retrieved

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NEW BSD Issue: FreeNAS A Complete Guide to FreeNAS Hardware Design

This page was last edited on 23 Decemberat With a former intelligence operative confirming that the NSA has developed the prized technique of concealing spyware in the firmware of hard drives, what are the implications and is there any point in shutting the door now that the horse has bolted? Screenshot of the FreeNAS web interface.

Thank you for the great wealth of information about ZFS. The first step of information analysis requires a certain degree of data collection so that there is a healthy body of data to assess. Instead we want to stimulate thought and debate around mgazine ethics that Donn Parker says are missing from the computer center.

Retrieved from ” https: As spring is here, it is high time to wish you that Easter will bring you a lot of joy, happiness, hope, and light. For that, we apologize. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. By jagazine this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


Our wishes for this Easter. Collecting evidence relevant to cyber security requires knowing what to monitor and how to monitor it.

The terminated successor to 9. Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability are the three pillars of Information Security. Development reverted to the proven 9.

FreeNAS Issue of BSD Magazine

The “Corral” branch was cancelled on or around 23 Aprilthe developers citing as reasons that although it had been a major “ground up” rewrite of FreeNAS, too matazine issues had emerged within 2 weeks of release. Updates to Samba 4. This separation also allows for FreeNAS system upgrades to be performed through the web interface.

The web interface supports storage pool configuration, user management, sharing configuration and system maintenance. Advanced FreeNAS features include full-disk encryption and a matazine architecture for third-party software.

Archived from the original on Learn how your comment data is processed. I hope that this issue of BSD magazine will be a good lecture for the holidays.

Just start reading now.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. In Septemberthe development team concluded that the project, then at release. In this article, we pose a number of scenarios to you the IT professional and ask What would you do?

Good health, Good fortune, Fulfilling life. Changes include the addition of cloud synchronization and preliminary Docker container support, as well as updates to the Angular-based administrative GUI and noticeable OpenZFS improvements for handling large files and multiple snapshots.

FreeNAS Archives – BSD MAG

Please go to the Table of Contents page frdenas see what we prepared and what you will find inside this BSD issue. Please login or Register to access downloadables Log In Register.

Commons category link from Wikidata Official website different in Wikidata and Wikipedia. The FreeNAS operating system is fully independent of its storage disks, allowing its configuration database and encryption keys to be backed up and restored to a fresh installation of the OS.


Volker Theile joined the project in July and became the project lead in April Views Read Edit View history. Instead, the decision was made to revert to the existing 9. I know that all of you are waiting for the holidays so I do not bother you more. Convinced me to mirror a couple of drives using ZFS, well actually 2 mirrors.

However, on April 12, iXsystems announced that FreeNAS Corral would instead be relegated to being a ‘Technology Preview’, citing issues such as “general instability, lack of feature parity with 9. Dear Readers, As spring is here, it is high time to wish you that Easter will bring you a lot of joy, happiness, hope, and light. Volker Theile decided that the project best be reimplemented using Debian Linux and shifted his development efforts to the interim CoreNAS project and eventually OpenMediaVault where he continues as the project lead.

You read and agreed to our Privacy Policy. Every environment is different, so we will not provide any answers.

It is licensed under the terms of the BSD License and runs on commodity x hardware. FreeNAS is managed through a comprehensive web interface that is supplemented by a minimal shell console that handles essential administrative functions. Dru always has strong writing skills — I always learn something new.