Résumé (fre). On peut comparer Molly Sweeney () de Brian Friel à The Well of the Saints () de J.M. Synge, un texte moderniste, mais il a pour source. “The sad and miraculous plight of Molly Sweeney has brought out the best in the playwright Brian Friel Rich with rapturous poetry and the music of rising. Molly Sweeney has ratings and 22 reviews. Molly Sweeney, by the great Irish playwright Brian Friel, tells the story of married couple Molly and Frank.

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He never asked me questions like that. For their wedding anniversary. Of course I trust Mr. It seems to me the negation of what criticism stands for as mediator between artistic production and public consumption to pursue a modernist line in a postmodernist age. Molly Sweeney, being a play about perception but not a modernist text like The Well of the Saints, is a peculiarly appropriate text for the raising of these issues.

Ironically, Molly seems to be the only one content not only with her lot in life, but also with life itself. Rice is given his own little sequel. It has been a heady day. Views Read Edit View history. Ffiel Molly Sweeney it is extended to the point where we believe that Molly is narrating her own tragedy, even though we clearly understand by the end of the play not only what a totally unreliable narrator she must be which is where Faith Healer leaves off but also that she frkel not actually speaking to us or to anyone.

It wasn’t really her job, she told me; but this was my big day and I had to look my best and she was happy to do it. Then a few months later, while Molly’s future is dimming with her lost sight, Rice himself crosses a threshold into settled unhappiness.


And we spent a week in a palace of marble and gold and played poker with the crew of the jet mooly lost every penny of the ransom we had just earned. You live in a world swdeney touch, a tactile world, they’d say. Although Friel was still uncertain at the end of November about his 86 Christopher MURRAY protagonist, tentatively called Martha, his decision to stay with a woman proved central to the quality of the play he was to write.

I think he believed that some elusive off-beat truth resided in the quirky, the off-beat. Yes, that was a strange state.

Put it another way: And then I’d walk home still no cane! In the case history the partner is herself afflicted with an eye condition and in applying pressure on Virgil acts with some prior knowledge and interest. Show 25 25 50 All. Because he liked me I knew he did.

Molly Sweeney – review

And yes, as a matter of interest, they are small animals, Iranian goats. Because that morning in that front room sweebey the chilly bungalow immediately after that moment of certainty, that explosion in the head my mind went numb; fused; and all I could think of was that there was a smell of fresh whiskey off Rice’s breath. What has she tp lose? I read a brilliant article by a professor in an American magazine and he called this. And the way Jean explained Molly’s condition to me was this.

Somebody told me recently that he’s in a hospice now. That proposition is allowed to sound throughout the play multivalently. Friel is able to captivate me in a signature way. Molly sulks in darkness. Why indeed should it be frightening?


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Billy Hughes says she’s a wonderful swimmer. Interesting word engram.

She composes a world from a sequence of impressions; one after the other, in time. To tell me that Maria and bian were at the airport and about to step on a plane for New York. When we step back and consider the play as a whole we must see – the pun is unavoidable – that the play as such does not exist. A new world a new life! And it came into my head again when that poor nurse was trying to prettify me for Mr.

Anyhow, Molly and Frank Sweeney. I think Molly Sxveeney a masterpiece.

English Text of [Molly Sweeney]

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