The second edition of A Concise History of Brazil offers a sweeping yet accessible history of Latin America’s largest country. Boris Fausto. A Concise History of Brazil covers almost years of Brazilian history, from the arrival of the Portuguese in the New World to the political. It’s no mean feat to tell the unruly story of a country as large, diverse and divided as Brazil in one volume of narrative history. But Fausto succeeds admirably in.

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A Concise History of Brazil | Reviews in History

By reading this book and remembering the details, ihstory can really understand how different states and cities made up the mosaic of Brazil. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. The Democratic Experiment Not in doubt was the developmentalist option to industrialise, a programme supported by the industrial lobby, part of the old political class, some sections of the rural elites borsi state-controlled organised labour.

Here there is detail and informative, interpretive comment. With that said, it does an excellent job of providing a crash course to Brazil’s history, so as someone faksto didn’t know anything about Brazil’s history, or really the history of any When they say concise, they really mean concise.

Brazilian territorial unity and national identity were forged throughout the nineteenth century, after the proclamation of independence inresulting in a nation with one common language and wide ethnic and racial variety.

This book, although at times it was somewhat tough to braazil, gave me a much better understanding of what this country is about, and how it has remained so homogeneous despite the vastness of the area. In other words, it was a bit dry.


However, it’s one of the best parts of the book, so I would strongly encourage you to get the second edition. Colonial Brazil was shaped by European expansion overseas from the fifteenth century onwards. A Concise History of Brazil. Lucas Barreto rated it really braxil it Apr 01, Moreover, trailblazers from Brazil settled regions technically falling within the control of Spain, pushing the frontier outward to the west and south.

A Concise History of Brazil

Moreover, in following too closely a conventional periodisation, Fausto underplays some of the continuities hinted at in the narrative, not least in economic institutions and policies. There is also informed comment on major social development.

A professor of political science at the University of Sao Paulo, Fausto is one of the most articulate, convise historians of 20th-century Brazil; his numerous historical publications form an May 29, Nestor rated it really liked it.

Boris Fausto examines Brazil’s history from the arrival of the Portuguese in the New World through the long and sometimes rocky transition from independence in to democracy The good thing about it, though, is that is a complete book without being incredibly long.

By official decree, Brazil celebrates its th anniversary in Paperbackpages. Account Options Sign in. The connexion with England also explains the peculiar nature of the transition from colony to independent Empire.

A couple odd notes: Contents colonial brazil Robin Hoffman rated it really liked it Jul 13, This book took a very political and economics focused approach to Brazil’s history. In writing about the colonial period, Fausto attempts to recapture the ‘silent presence’ of Amerindians and incorporates new approaches to the study of family and society.

Unlike other recent one-volume histories, such as those by Skidmore see item bi and Levine see item biwork does not cover contemporary eventsand the evaluation of the transition from dictatorship to electoral politics is reticent. Emile rated it really liked it Oct 22, Forced savings, relatively low inflation, an inflow of foreign capital, export promotion and a growth in domestic credit account for the miracle. Books by Boris Fausto.

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Obris Fausto is a renowned Brazilian historian and political scientist. With that said, it does an excellent job of providing a crash course to Brazil’s history, so as someone who didn’t know anything about Brazil’s history, or really the history of any part of South America, it was fascinating. The usage of English is superb, but it forced me to re-read some sentences because of complex sentence stucture and I had to pick up my dictionary more than once.

Coffee made the Empire, it also bogis the monarchical system.

A Concise History of Brazil – Boris Fausto – Google Books

Sugar, much more than brazil wood, tobacco or gemstones and gold discovered in significant quantities in the swas the great colonial staple and configured economy and society for centuries. Not concjse some years after the s coup did it emerge that the Vargas regime was going to preside over the formation of a new, centralised state that enjoyed greater autonomy from sectional and sectoral interests than its predecessor.

Differing models of republicanism were on offer, traditional politicians resented the enhanced presence of the military, there was social protest in the backlands and coffee prices weakened further.