The book of Arda Viraf. by Haug, Martin, ; Publisher Bombay: Government Central Book Depot ; London: Trner. Collection gaelic. The Book of Arda Viraf has 5 ratings and 2 reviews. Eadweard said: This was very Book of Arda Viraf is a Zoroastrian religious text o. It was early made available in Western languages by M. Haug and E. W. West ( The Book of Arda Viraf, Bombay and London, [repr. Amsterdam, ];.

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Srosh the pious, and Adar the angel, said 5 thus; ‘These are the souls of those who had a father in their mother; 6 and when they were born, the father did not acknowledge them; 7 and now they ever make lamentation for a father.

Book of Arda Viraf

I also saw the souls of several men, and several women, 2 whose legs and necks and middle parts a noxious creature khrafstar ever gnawed, and separated one from the virzf. Den- man ruban-i valmanshdn neshmandn mtinslian daslitan la pdhrtkht, 5 va mayd va atash va Spendarmad zanuk va Horvadad va Amero- dad azard, 6 va madam asman va khih’shcd va mcih nikiiid; 7 va stor va guspend pavan vviraf dxard; 8 va zakfiv-yasltarubu riraanu dasht.

The principal text in the liturgical group is the Yasna, which takes its name from the Yasna ceremony, Zoroastrianism’s primary act of worship, and at which the Yasna text is recited. He, Koq omit J.

Bahman Yasht in Pahlavi. Whilst the king of kings went in and came out of that place, and kept watch around the place of fireand disturbed with this responsibilityhe remained watching Viraf whilst seven nights and days elapsed. My best thanks are due to him for his most valuable services. This custom has been challenged before the Supreme Court of India after a Zoroastrian woman was denied e H,8 awdar — UJ.


Lxiii as all the wood, with which the sacred fire is fed, must be quite dry ch. Pgyi in all but H K,o omits final8,2, D.

Mdzdayasna guddrad horn ku: Den- man ruban-i valman darvand gabra munash, pavan stih, saman-i vi- mund-i kliadiliano spokht, va pavan zak-i nafshman vakhdimd.

And the woman said to the man 15 thus: Yazata topic Yazata Avestan: Hi8 rm ms rekhta, Sans. The contents of the Arda-Viraf namak exhibit a fair specimen of the practical working of the Zoroastrian religion and code of law. The same as 12 and 13 in Hg, with a colophon see notes on p. Joanna Narten Narten has suggested that, like the Gathas, the hymns of the Yasna Haptanghaiti were composed by Zoroaster himself, but this hypothesis has not received a significant following from the academic community.

Denmau nesbman maman vanas kard? Those who have vuraf Effsays. And Srosh the pious, and Adar the angel, said 5 thus: Conversation between Auharmazd and Zaratusht regarding religion, lo.

U ‘Ushta ahmai yahmai ushta kahmrdchid’; aigh: Those herbads who are chiefly engaged in the performance ara ceremonies, become ttiobads, Pahl. He was born in the early or mid 13th century. And these examples have been considered sufficient authority for reading d in other cases, where 5 corresponds to Pers.

In general lay use, the term is also used as an honorific to denote any priest, of any rank. The transliteration of final is complicated with a question of viaf thography which leads to much uncertainty and requires careful consi. Those who spoke false, have their tongues cut out Daena topic Daena is a Zoroastrian concept representing insight and revelation, hence “conscience” or “religion.

Both are early Iranian languages, a branch of the Indo-Iranian languages within the Indo-European family. I also saw the souls of a man and a woman 2 whom they ever drag, vjraf man to heaven and the woman to hell. Arriving at Nausari, they were entertained by Manekshah who consulted them about several religions observances which had fallen into disuse, and especially about building a new dakhma for the dead. The second authority is the traditional pronunciation pre- served by the Parsis in their Pazand versions of the Pahlavi texts.


The transliteration is kept to a uniform system, which is explained in the Introduction.

The Book of Arda Viraf

Den- man ruban-i valman darvand gabrd man, pavan stih, roeshman va rod-i nafshman va yadman-i shafik, va avarik rimanih-i audam-i nafsh- man, pavan maya-i tstddak-i vazurg, va khanik, LVll. Want to Read saving…. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. And the man said thus: I came to a place, and I saw the boo of a woman, 2 to whom they ever gave to eat cup after cup of the impurity and filth of men. Ahura Mazda is the highest spirit of worship in Zoroastrianism, along with being the first and most frequently invoked spirit in the Yasna.

The first place he came to, after having passed the bridge, was the abode of the Hamestagdn i. Denman neshman maman vanas kard? Then I saw the soul of a woman whose tongue was cut away, and eyes scooped out; 2 and snakes, scorpions, worms, and zrda noxious creatures khrafstars ever devoured the brain of her head; 3 and from time to time, she seized her own body with the teeth, and ever gnawed the flesh.

These remarks apply, of course, specially to the orthography of Iranian words which, with a few exceptions, are all that the Pazand actually transliterates.

At last Viraf saw Anro-mainyus’, the Evil spirit, who always mocked and ridiculed ards wicked