Bob Hoffman and Dr. Ziegler convinced Louis Riecke to act as a subject for the testing of the Functional Isometric Contraction system of training. Muscle contraction pdf – powered movements in muscle contraction. isometric muscle contraction pdf smooth muscle contraction pdf. Functional Isometric Contraction, System of Static Contraction: Advanced Course. Front Cover. Bob Bob Hoffman Foundation, – Calisthenics – 26 pages.

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Brumel has this ability. Great lifters have functional strength. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. More muscle tension can be exerted by Functional Isometric Contraction than by contraction, where by short means of movement the muscle is allowed to shorten and work.

Your Super Power Rack is right in your home. The readers of this course will never realize the time, the study, the hard and continuous work, the research, the experimentation, the utilization of little known scientific principles, which has led up to this system of training. Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life. For greater success follow their methods to the exclusion of all others.

In the next two years there will be tremendous gains made in all the lifts – the press, the snatch, and the clean and jerk.

As a result of this lengthy and result producing experiment, all five of these men, the Medical doctor, the Olympic coach, the Professor, the Olympic trainer and the lifter agree that Functional Isometric Hodfman is a truly superior method for developing strength. Rather, there is a feeling of exhilaration, of well-being at the end of the training period. There must be a constant effort to work against more and more weight resistance.

Bob Hoffman followed this experiment by phone, by letter, by personal visit and encouraged Riecke to put his maximum effort back of the experiment. Those who succeed have the right combination of the right system of training, they follow the rules of healthful living. This old method is time consuming, tiring and requires a considerable period of recuperation between training sessions. In the past many men failed with these training systems because they trained on their nerve too often and did not give the muscles time to recuperate and rebuild after the day of vigorous training.

They usually exercise some of the muscle groups too much, neglect others. So many people do not supply their bodies with the proper food. On some days as few as five exercises, 12 seconds each, are performed. Strength will appear in the tendons, the ligaments, the muscles, and even greater strength in the bones. Louis Riecke trained the best way he know how, for 14 years using the old method of training and never became even one of the nation’s best lifters until he included the Functional Isometric Contraction System of training.



Isoemtric with weights can you accurately measure the effort you are putting forth. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. It will not replace the good courses which have proven their worth, but it will prove to be a time saver and super strength builder. Most weight lifters isometrlc body builders train three times a week, rest days between. Drury, Al Roy and Bob Hoffman are among the first in the world to apply this proven strength building principle to heavy exercise, heavy athletics, strength and muscle building.

They eat too much of foodless foods such as white flour and white sugar products. There is no valid excuse in the future to be out of shape, to be fat, to be pepless, to be sick, when it is so easy to keep superlatively fit, strong and super healthy. They took a big chance that if the little known contraxtion they were to follow did not prove as successful as other methods, they would not win the national championships, or a coveted place on the world’s championship team. There’s a problem loading this menu right now.

Bob Hoffman – Functional Isometric Contraction

Consequently, it develops the maximum amount of muscle tension. Most of them will be broken and issometric by means of training with this new and scientific Functional Isometric Contraction method. The Development of the Theory and the Application of Functional Isometric Contraction The theory and application of Functional Isometric Contraction is the result of the combined efforts, the experience and the thinking of five men who were brought together by their mutual interest in the process of developing muscular strength.

After a hoffmah spent in the search for strength and better strength building methods, we can now offer this faster, better method of building superior physical ability – through Functional Isometric Contraction Training. Functional strength is having the strength in the body position where the strength is needed and used. The new isometric training system will have an important place in the realm of weight training. Protein will be used first for maintenance and repair, even for energy, if there is not enough of the energy producing materials.


Contractiom you seen the miracles I have seen as a result of this new system of training, you too would be as thrilled, as excited, as happy as I am. By using the Functional Isometric Contraction System, in six months Riecke developed into of the the world’s greatest lifters.

Isometrlc heat and work produced by a muscle will work in reciprocal relation to each other. This system is especially applicable to many athletic sports, notably weight lifting. With this new system, many actually gain not only two times as fast, but three or four times as fast.

All good lifters will be using this system in the near future, certainly in the next two years. The point is now reached where nearly all athletes are training with weights to improve their athletic ability, and those who don’t train with weights will simply be pushed around and defeated by those who are training with weights. This is pure Functional Isometric Contraction meaning that the muscle continues to measure the same length.

But when it is used for pure isometric contraction or isometric contraction with weights, contraction is practiced in each exercise. Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty.

When combined with the training principles, the exercises, the weight lifting training, and other long successful, superior weight lifting training, and other long successful, superior Bob Hoffman methods, it will build strong men, superbly developed men, weight lifters and athletes, with an ability which has never been seen before.

With this method of training, you train twice as many times, although the Functional Isometric Contraction hoffmna Isometric Training with weights are easy training days.

Bob Hoffman – Functional Isometric Contraction

With the usual training system much time is lost waiting for the muscles to become rested. With the combined Isometric-Isotonic Training with weights you can continue to train with very heavy bo and heavy weight resistance.

Drury and Al Roy prophesy that all world records will be broken within two years.