The Blood of the Vampire (Valancourt Classics) [Florence Marryat, Brenda Hammack] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Miss Harriet Brandt. The Blood of the Vampire, by Florence Marryat. Valancourt Books, originally published pp paperback. To say. Florence Marryat’s novel The Blood of the Vampire was published in , the same year as Dracula. It is possible that the publication of.

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Brenda Hammack’s historicist introduction and critical bibliography — best read as an afterword, just as the initial footnote recommends– are illuminating and balanced: The intro is full of psychology, feminist theory and such.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Everyone she gets close to seems Miss Harriet Brandt, daughter of a mad scientist and a mqrryat priestess, comes of age and leaves her home in Jamaica for the first time, travelling to Europe. Frederick Marryatshe was particularly known for her sensational novels and her involvement with several celebrated spiritual mediums of the late 19th century.

To ask other readers questions about The Blood of the Vampireplease sign up. From toin addition to writing for newspapers and magazines, she edited the monthly magazine London Society.

The Blood of the Vampire () – Valancourt Books

They felt so threatened by their ability to emote and be sexual they had to write many novels vilifying them and elevating themselves.

In she played Queen Altemire in a revival of W. As Mrryat generally do with any 4. This book was recommended to me by a lecturer last year and I have only just got around to reading it. The prickliness of their personalities made them uniquely human and added an authentic feel to the story. She is blessed with great physical beauty and plenty of money. But the best part of this edition is an essay at the end written by a doctor of the time about female masturbation.

One of the strangest novels by the prolific Florence Marryat”The Blood of the Vampire” was the “other vampire novel” ofappearing the same year as bloov. Over all, I really enjoyed this book, and I hope that it will begin to be less obscure, since I think other people would vampie it as well.


The Blood of the Vampire – Florence Marryat – Google Books

Doctor Phillips has a theory: Miss Harriet Brandt, daughter of a mad scientist and a voodoo priestess, comes of age and leaves her home in Jamaica for the first time, travelling to Europe. And it’s really, really good, feeding my need magryat that perfect blending of truly dark and literary fiction that I crave. I also loved every other character in the novel, even Miss Leyton and the Baroness. As the story progresses, racial things are not as important to the main characters.

Open Preview See a Problem? All different sorts of women, young and old, beautiful and ugly, rich and poor, powerful and powerless. Jun 25, Ereck rated it really liked it. Much of the story is concerned with Harriet coming into her own as a member of bloood and trying mrryat navigate the difficult world of upperclass Britain while finding love and happiness.

Fine reading for additional ideas, but way too much input before reading this story for the first time. The Blood here refers to inherited traits, genetics and the idea that blood will out. The romance in the novel is cute and well done, while the horror I felt at Harriet’s inescapable condition was also quite deep and enjoyable.

The type of persecution she suffers at the hands of the Doctor underlies every form of racism, sexism, homophobia and so on. Books by Florence Marryat. Dec 02, Jami rated it liked it. To say I was mildly surprised and very pleased with this book is an understatement. Shortly before her 21st birthday, inshe wed Thomas Ross Church, an officer in the Madras staff corps of the British Army in India; they spent the first seven years of their married life travelling extensively in India before she returned to England in with her children but without her husband, who apparently visited only occasionally.

Another excellent Valancourt reprint — I’ve been so lucky in my choices with this publisher that I shouldn’t be amazed, but I am every time I pick up one their books. Maybe there is a reason it should fade away into the past and not be read anymore except by scholars who can recognize and analyze the depth and destructiveness of its message.

Jan 31, Suzanna Gibbs rated it liked it Shelves: From what I did read, I had a hard time paying attention. This piece consisted of a series of piano sketches, alternating with scenes and costumed recitations, including a two-person “satirical musical sketch”, really a short comic operaby Grossmith called Cups and Saucers.


The Blood of the Vampire

View all 3 comments. Aside from a few hints and superstitions, there is not one vampire in this book. The main character is as unaware of her power of attraction as she is of her parentage. Marryat published 68 novels before her death, as well as various non-fiction works such as The Life and Letters of Captain Marryat and Gupbloood account of garrison life in India. Wonderful Gothic vampire fiction that Vampre re-read for uni.

The style was easy enough to read and enjoy, although Marryat’s use of commas was frequently wrong and that disturbed the English student in me. But, in its defense, can I just say that it is truly a pleasure to read a novel in public that has a naked woman with bat wings on the cover?

The promise of supernatural elements was another practically guaranteed win for this novel. The daughter of author Capt. Is Harriet a psychological vampire with fatal effects?

Florence Marryat

On one hand, it is a novel that is ahead of its time. I didn’t finish this book; had to read it for a class, but didn’t finish it due to the other reading material that was assigned to me.

I can only wonder how different Buffy and Twilight might have been if Florence Marryat’s vampire had been the one adopted into pop culture history. I was very disappointed with this.

I wouldn’t say I agree with the blurb, which vampige ‘The Blood of the Vampire’ as the “other vampire novel” of Although the cover and title lead me to expect a horror story in the vein of the novel’s contemporary, Dracula, The Blood of the Vampire is much more like a romance novel in the vein of Jane Austen with a supernatural horror element added in.