Math lover or not, readers should succumb to the charms of this highly entertaining biography of medieval mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci. Book Review: Blockhead: The Life of Fibonacci. Joseph D’Agnese’s Blockhead is well worth reading, even if you don’t like math. By Shala. Blockhead: The Life of Fibonacci. Buon giorno! I bid you welcome! Register or simply click to enter. — Leonardo Fibonacci. “ charming and accessible ”.

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While reading this book to our girls, Hhe was fascinated and I believe I learned as much from the story as they did. Oct 29, Kathryn rated it it was amazing Shelves: Then, the reader is instructed to continue looking through the book to see if they can find any additional items that have Fibonacci numbers in them.

Browse All Our Content. In Greece he learned geometry, and in Sicily he used division and subtraction. Fictionalized account of Fibonacci’s life. He then spends majority of his life traveling for his fathers company and learning all types of numeric systems. That arrangement of numbers is known as the Fibonacci Sequence.

As he travels for work, Fibonacci learns of Hindu-Arabic numerals and soon writes a book of numerals and math riddles which are still used today and goes on to world-wide fame for his mathematics. It really shows blockuead value of having someone to encourage and learn with you. Support Your Local Bookstore. Leonardo Fibonacci loves numbers in a way other people do not understand.

Find this hardback version on Amazon Find this paperback version on Scholastic. There are spirals and Fibonacci numbers throughout fibonaci illustrations. Even as an adult, it made me curious about how the Fibonacci Sequence. Have students try to do a simple math problem using Roman numerals, then do the same problem with Arabic numerals.

The illustrations reinforce the math concepts presented in the book. For all his work, Leonardo Fibonacci is best known for the number pattern in his famous rabbit problem.


This book really helped us to understand the Fibonacci Sequence! Don’t let it escape your grasp! This sequence is found again and again in nature in such arrangements as leaves on a flower or, seeds in a sunflower, the tapering of a pinecone, the swirl of a seashell, and manys.

Numbers, patterns and spirals. I liked the author’s note at the end as well as the fun activities to help thhe further understand the importance of the Fibonacci sequence. As Fibonacci grows up, he learns of the different uses of numbers and mathematical ths in foreign countries. This story is based on the few things we do know–and a bit of make-believe.

Blockhead the Life of Fibonacci

blockheead While I am sure there are biographies for older readers, there is something special about introducing young people, age six to nine, to this brilliant mathematician. View all 14 comments. The Life of Fibonacci as solely a narrative and thus on a completely textual and thematic level, I could easily and without any hesitation whatsoever be ranking it with a glowing five stars, as the author not only tells the both interesting and important life story of Leonardo Fibonacci and as an engaging, approachable first person narrative at thatthe information on Fibonacci’s math, on his number theories, as well as on his famous “rabbit problem” are depicted, are described in a logical and scientifically sound fashion and in a way that even mathematical failures like I tend to be can lire understand blockhhead retain.

Lists with This Book.

Blockhead the Life of Fibonacci |

Leonardo Fibonacci was blpckhead mathematician who lived in the middle ages. Aug 10, Alyson rated it really liked it Shelves: The book illustrates ways Fibonacci found his recurring pattern.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! This discovery made solving the problem even easier. Although little is known of Fibonacci’s life, he was apparently called something similar to “blockhead,” due to his being a bit of a dreamer and wanderer, and this story shows how a young boy follows his passion for numbers all the way into the math history books.


Ribonacci thought this was a really fun story of Fibonacci’s love of numbers and his discovery of the Fibonacci sequence.

The Life of Fibonacci” is a book about one of the most famous medieval ages. This is definitely a book I’d like blockhaed read again. Oct 22, Congetta rated it really liked it Shelves: His father, embarrassed by his constant daydreaming, moves him to North Africa and forces him to be a merchant.

Mar 30, Janet rated it really liked it Shelves: I like the Fibonacci numbers being in there I actually expected them to be in some places they weren’tbut a lot of the spiral Fictionalized account of Fibonacci’s life.

A page at the back of the book provides some additional blockhexd information about Fibonacci. The story highlighted Fibonacci’s fascination with numbers, his work with Hindu numerals, and the Fibonacci numbers. And thus, only a high three star rating for Blockhead: He was so enthralled with the math he saw all around him that he nearly walked into danger. This example is lofe wonderful way for children to see that if they follow their passion often times they will achieve some sort of personal accomplishment regardless of what anyone thinks.

Blockhead: The Life of Fibonacci

Have students try to solve the rabbit riddle, then work it out together. What a well cibonacci and understandable story about math. The term blockhead was something that he got from a teacher that didn’t seem to understand the type of brilliance that he had.

This is a book that you must have in your collection.