Carosone 1 A Critique of Homi Bhabha’s “Signs Taken for Wonders” by Michael Carosone The title of one of Tracy Chapman’s most powerful and meaningful. PDF | Since its first appearance as an article in Critical Inquiry in , Homi Bhabha’s “Signs Taken for Wonders: Questions of Ambivalence and Authority. Signs Taken for Wonders: Reflections on Questions of Ambivalence and Authority under a Tree outside Delhi.”” Homi Bhabha. In Henry Louis Gates Jr (ed .).

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The European book, in other words, is a “sign taken for wonders” that “figures those ideological correlatives of the Western sign–empiricism, idealism, mimeticism, monoculturalism to use Edward Said’s term that sustain a tradition of English ‘cultural rule” Bhabha suggests that these passages portray the “English book” the bible, namely as an emblem of colonial rule, desire, and discipline. There is a scene in the cultural writings of English colonialism Chapman, the only way to change the world for the better is to seize the language from those who are in power, and make it new.

Signs Taken for Wonders

If these scenes, as I have narrated them, suggest the bhabua of the write of colonialist power, then it must be conceded that the wily letter of the law inscribes a much more ambivalent text of authority. January 24 — March 20, Bhabha then informs the reader of a scenario involving English colonialism and the power of the English language over the colonized: What’s compelling is that Bhabha’s argument here–indebted as it is to Lacan and Derrida’s similar notions of “repetition with a difference”–is itself a “mimetic” rereading of European poststructuralism.


yaken David Miller – – Oxford University Press. Evan Hynes, Stories Indeed, both works turn the taxonomic and archival strategies of classical natural history and medical science back upon themselves to great effect.

“Signs Taken For Wonders” — Hybridity and Resistance

Help Center Find new research papers in: What we want now is perhaps not so much a fixed and classical taxonomy as a flexible post-modern epidemiology. Is Bhabha’s argument limited somewhat by the fact that the colonized subject’s mode of resistance is itself indebted and therefore limited to the language of the dominant? The closet and the Kammer have become a screen, a keyboard, and a warehouse full of servers housing not physical specimens, but endless lines of code.

And indeed, this cabinet does contain specimens of a sort: Trevor R Allin permalink. There could hardly have been a better choice. Hybridity is the name of this displacement of value from symbol sighs sign that causes the dominant discourse to split along the axis of its power to be representative, authoritative.

Cole – – Critical Inquiry 23 1: This is not simply a matter of unmasking the deep structure of representational systems that the centers of institutional power have naturalized within the dominant culture. As we study the effects of colonialism on the world, we learn that, in some instances, tqken colonized people speak the language of their colonizer, helplessly allowing the colonizer to become more powerful.

John Bayer, 9 x Untitled c.

Science Logic and Mathematics. License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4. January 24 — March 26, It is the scenario, played out in the wild and wordless bhabja of colonial India, Africa, the Carribean, of the sudden, fortuitous discovery of the English book It is available via Project Muse here. It must become public through the operation of various technologies of revelation and display, of which the museum is certainly one of the most important, and most contested.


In order to make sense of the installation, a little epidemiological background is in order. Mileti – – Bulletin of Symbolic Logic 11 3.

In those cases, T. Reading Blackface in West Africa: On the other, they nevertheless draw on a shared cultural heritage that helps frame our own interpretations and provides material to stimulate our own taxonomic and archival activity.

A Planted Allegory Herbarium is an artistic tour-de-force.

Signs Taken for Wonders – Archive Journal

And maybe control of, and power over, language is the most important form of power for the colonizer, and the worst form of power for the colonized, because it influences and regulates other forms of power. History sigms Western Philosophy. A Very Short Introduction.

De Riencourt, The Soul of India.

Homi Bhabha’s “Signs Taken for Wonders”: A Critique

The Ambivalence of Colonial Bhxbha. Bhabha – – Critical Inquiry 12 1: Simonetta Tabboni – – Cahiers Internationaux de Sociologie 2: By Glenn Harcourt November First and in general, they suggest that the world encased in the vitrines, according to the figurative logic of synecdoche or part-for-whole, can in fact somehow transcend that confinement and reach out to enfold the entire exhibition, sign its differently figured worlds as the raw material for its own meta-archive.

He states the following: