Readers’ questions about Beyindeki Hayaletler – İnsan Zihninin Gizemlerine Doğru. 1 question answered. Beyindeki Hayaletler by V. S. Ramachandran, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Buy Öykücü Beyin: Beyindeki Hayaletler’in Yazarı Bir Nöroloğun Bizi İnsan Kılanın Ne Olduğuna Dair Arayışı by V. S Ramachandran, Ayşe Cankız Çevik ( ISBN.

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Open Preview See a Problem? Describes parts of the brain. It is basically a repetition of almost all of Sacks’ interesting stories with additional dry, very technical science Everyone compares this book and author to Oliver Sacks and his works, but it really does not compare.

Beyindeki Hayaletler : Insan Zihninin Gizemlerine Dogru

Ramachandran does a decent job of writing for the non-medical reader, but at times he vacillated between too dumbed down, and too complicated to follow. Mirror agnosia as a cheap test for right paraitel lesions This makes us reflect in the reality of what we normal people see and how our sensations can distort the rules of nature such as that of optics for mirror agnosia patients Chapter 7: Wants to link this to nature vs nurture debate – are body maps in brain fixed by gene or do they change with experience [says the debate is beynideki open.

Claims to be seeing it move.

The zombie in the brain Dyan, a patient with a special case. Although in the same vein as Oliver Sachs books, this one goes more deeply into the workings of the brain, making it a bit less readable, I had forgotten that I had read this book a while ago.


He recognized his parents on phone, but not upon seeing him. Body image is a transient internal construct. I enjoyed this book, especially the descriptions of the ingenious experiments put forward by Ramachandran. These examples are pro-modularity.

Beyindeki Hayaletler – İnsan Zihninin Gizemlerine Doğru

Claims to be clapping. Really interesting, although it went over my head a bit in the last chapter or two. The puzzle of the symbolic language used by brain for vision perception.

God and the limbic system Michael Persinger and the God helmet which stimulates the temporal lobe. This is clearly seen in patients with stroke in motor cortex who perform full natural smile, but their forced smile was only half vice versa for patients with basal ganglia stroke.

An interesting read on how our brains work, with some really interesting explanations for some of the strangest neuro disorders out there. She was practically blind, but had unconscious vision. Left Angular Gyrus has a role in math and computation. I’m not sure what I expected from reading this book This non-fiction book is written by a neuroscientist about the quirky and interesting things we can learn from abnormal brain function. While I was reading it, I found myself breaking conversational silences by summarizing parts of it that I thought were interesting or surprising to the kinds of friends who I thought might be int Beyindeku book is about the disparities between reality and what people’s conscious perceptions sometimes tell them.


Hayaletlrr face and shoulder area in brain are next to hand. This is both a blessing and a curse. All in all, a pretty decent book.

Arama – Beyindeki Hayaletler

Pain like all other sensory perceptions is an illusion hxyaletler in the brain. Paperbackpages. Interestingly, he thought the same model was 3 different people. The patient rationalized this by saying it was mind over matter. There are degrees of denial between patients, some global and some more limited.

This started after a stroke. This possibility was eliminated. Face recognition areas in temporal lobe and emotional regions in limbic system e.

The sound of one hand clapping Anosagnosia unaware of illness. I found this very interesting This book, written by neurologist V. This happens only with right paraietal damange hayaletlsr not left. Died 2 days later due ti subarachnoid hemorrhage due to an aneurysm. A girl whose brain was stimulated during surgery laughed out of control Laughter and its function.

The region of brain responsible for calculation. Ramachandran, suggests that by looking at case studies of individuals with particular types of brain injuries we can learn a lot about the the human mind.

Freud wrote about how we deceive our selves when faced with unpleasant facts about ourselves.