Benshaw is pleased to offer Solid-State Starter training at our facilities in. Benshaw Product Downloads. Catalogs: Benshaw Product Catalog. Solid State Motor Control. Technology. Publication #:

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The starter control assembly of claim 4 wherein said shunt frame means at least partially extends into the space between said line and load heat sinks.

The assembly shown at 11a operates similar to that shown in FIG. In one preferred embodiment of the device shown in FIG. Modular PTC thermistor overload protection system. The starter control assembly of claim 7 wherein said solenoid means is mounted on at least one of said heat sinks and electrically insulated from said at least one heat sink.

Use of solid state startr has permitted present solid state motor starters to function without the need for external resistors.

Fiber optic firing, and programmable MX3 controllers, deliver unprecedented functionality and performance. Think about the times you’ve heard the belts “squeal” when a large air conditioner blower started up.

Benshaw manufactures a wide range of low voltage solid state motor controls. In addition to the bypass contactor, many motor starter applications also require an in-line contactor. As shown in assemblies 11b and 11c, multiple assemblies may be ganged together and have their respective incoming movable contacts 17b and 17b’ actuated from a single electric solenoid 18b. I agree to the terms and privacy policy.

Benshaw Medium Voltage Soft Starter

This device acts as an electrically operable mechanical disconnect of the line from the load. Incoming lugs 20a, 20c, and 20e can be connected to respective lines in a three phase power system. Such bypass contactor would normally be a three phase magnetically operated contactor wired in parallel to the solir device.


When desired, by actuation of solenoid 19b, a parallel shunting current path would exist through stationary contact 14c which is rigidly affixed to line heat sink 12c and contact 14d which is rigidly affixed to load heat sink 12d, both being joined by movable shunting contact bar 15b. The starter control assembly of claim 10 wherein said stationary contact includes a renewable wear surface of electrically conducting material rigidly attached to said heat sinks.

The starter control assembly of claim 5 further comprising electrical solenoid means at least partially extending into the space between said line and load heat sinks. The solenoid 8 is a electrically operated device which keeps movable contact 7 in a normally open position and when actuated, causes the movable contact 7 to be electrically and physically connected to contacts 6a to 6b. One such preferred arrangement would be to drive the middle sub-assembly shunting contacts directly and have the outer sub-assemblies connected mechanically to the single center solenoid.

Solid state motor starter – Benshaw, Inc.

Currents flowing in load heat sink 2b are connected to the load via the load connector or lug 10b. Boy will that ever help the old electric bill. One way in which the device of FIG. Search Expert Search Quick Search. The starter control assembly of claim 38 wherein said surface is coated with a wear resistance material.

Return spring 44 functions to oppose the movement of contact frame 28 into the closed position and is used when solenoid 27 is deactivated so as to open the set of contacts 24, genshaw and All of Benshaw’s medium voltage power stacks are integrated with next generation Bensshaw technology. Special Control Bnshaw This is a special category for those “undefined” controls that we haven’t discussed yet.


Contacts 4a, 4b are stationary and directly mounted to respective heat sinks 2a, 2b. Is that high enough? Such wiring is not only costly but difficult to install as its large diameter requires that any bend or change in direction maintain a minimum bending radius so as not to damage the conductor. A SumoBrain Solutions Company. The starter control assembly of claim 28 wherein said surface is coated with a wear resistance material. Although other manufacturers limit their warranties to one year, Benshaw believes that because they build a better product they can guarantee them for a longer time.

As stare name implies, motor starters are commonly used to supply electrical power to motors in industrial control environments.

The starter control assembly of claim 23 wherein said solenoid is mounted on at stste one of said line heat sinks. Such rigid mounting comprises an L-shaped bracket extending generally perpendicular to the upper benshaww of heat sink With more built-in features, more configurable options, greater expandability, and a broader communications capability, Benshaw’s next generation MX3 technology will shorten commissioning times, improve motor performance and protection, enhance diagnostic capabilities, and streamline electrical system monitoring and maintenance tasks.

Product Specification Brand Benshaw. When full voltage operation and reduced heating is desired, solenoid 19a is energized causing shorting bar 15a to contact stationary stwrter 14a and 14b mounted on the respective heat sinks 12a and 12b.

Electrical power is then available from lug 21 to the incoming heat sink Three devices similar to 11a could be used to create a three phase motor starter.