Les bascules RS à NAND utilisent des portes NAND pour créer une bascule. .. des incrémenteurs asynchrones, et l’autre des incrémenteurs synchrones. 9 sept. Bascules – Bascule RS asynchrone Reset Set – Bascule Synchrone R S T – Bascule JK, Toggle, bascule D ❑ Registres – Registre parallèle. 11 nov. Bascule JK à front descendant. et à commande synchrone. par niveau bas. n. 2. Etablir la table de comptage et. les tableaux de karnaugh. 4.

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TR Free format text: Il nous manque encore une chose: Although the signal CKs is synchronized with a fairly good precision to the external clock signal CKe, the phase difference between the induced signal and the injected signal may be sufficient to cause a phase fluctuation making it unfit antenna signal to provide a signal CKe reliable external clock.

The FLD1 field oscillates for example a Eddy current nondestructive testing device for measuring multiple parameter variables of a metal sample.

In one embodiment, the method comprises the steps of providing a data carrier modulation signal, apply the second periodic signal to the antenna circuit when the modulation signal has a first logic value, generating a masking signal having a masking value at least when the modulation signal has the first logic value, and blocking the application of the first periodic signal to the oscillator clock input when the masking signal has the masking value.

US USA en The processing unit More specifically, the correction used on the one hand the reference sample YLR taken during the first drive slot at time r and the reference sample Y taken nth slot at time equivalent nr r. Apparatus and methods for measuring and detecting variations in the value of a capacitor.

Le tri peut exiger par exemple que les trois para- Sorting may require such as the three parameters.


Method and transmitter circuit bsacule communication using active load modulation in radio frequency identification systems. MT Free format text: The input is connected A. Un livre de Wikilivres. The transistor Synchroen has its source S connected to node N2, its drain D connected to ground via the current source CG1 and its gate G connected to the node N1. Modulates the amplitude of the magnetic field FLD1 with a modulation depth of which depends on the selected communication protocol and the antenna signal AS has a similar amplitude modulation.

Test method for capacitors and dielectric materials, characterized in syynchrone it comprises the steps of: A test device according to claim 27, characterized in that it comprises: Method and system for operating a communications device shnchrone communicates via inductive coupling.

The method also includes the steps of placing the oscillator in the synchronous oscillation mode before each application of a burst of the second periodic signal to the antenna circuit, and put the oscillator in a free oscillation mode during application of a burst of the second periodic signal to the antenna circuit.

In one embodiment, the device is mounted in or on a portable media. The assay device of capacitors and mate. This impedance modulation affects the impedance of the antenna coil of the active device, by inductive coupling. The controllable switch is con.

Logique séquentielle/Mémoires et bascules

Ce pa- this pa. Cette seconde sous-gamme auxiliaire utilise une This second sub-range auxiliary uses. Device according to one of claims 6 to 9, wherein the synchronous oscillator SO, OSC1 is of digital type and is configured to, in the synchronous oscillation mode, copy the output period of the periodic signal CKe applied to the clock input, and in the mode of free oscillation, output basscule the received frequency of the synchronization input during the synchronous oscillation mode.

In addition, this error Decreases Translation. EE Free format text: Pour cela, en d’autres termes, la Demanderesse For this, in other words, the Applicant.

Fonctionnement d’un ordinateur/Les circuits synchrones

A method for transmitting data by inductive coupling, comprising the steps of: MK05 Ref document number: A test device according to claim 25, synchfone in that the period of the first series of pacing slots is of the order of as the period of the second series of pacing slots is of the order of 2ms and the last slot.


In one embodiment, the method comprises a step of phase shifting the second periodic signal relative to the antenna signal.

The gate G10 forms a phase comparator and its output is sent to a VCO control input via the low-pass filter FT1 active. On obtient ainsi la pente de la courbe g’ logt au point qui est une as K which is selected for example equal to 2. The phase comparator receives, as reference frequency, a first periodic signal which is extracted from the antenna signal induced by the external magnetic field.

APPLICATION A BASE DE BASCULES by karim zeddini on Prezi

The capacitor C1 is connected between the nodes N1, N2. Moreover, the input of the first counter of the element is connected to the output of an AND gate with two inputs. Bursts of the latter signal are applied to an inductive antenna circuit ACT to generate an active load modulation synchrnoe field FLD2. Ces calculs sont faits en prenant successivement pour temps ta les temps t1, t2, t Process according to Claims 2 and 3 comprising the step of providing the masking value from the masking signal longer than that of the first logic value of the modulation signal MS DTXin order to maintain the oscillator mode in the free oscillation during the stabilization time of the antenna signal.