In smaller flute you have to blow harder, in bigger ones grip is comparatively difficult. So start with a medium one. You have to have some basic knowledge of . For learning the basics of Bansuri there is a channel in youtube by Himanshu Nanda (Disciple of Pandit hari Prasad Chourasia). This is pretty good for. Beginning level instruction on the art of the bansuri (bamboo flute) by flute master G.S. Sachdev.

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You can also make up your own alankaars. I can go from Dha of ati mandra to Re of ati tar.

Just taking the 4 notes Sa Re Ga Ma, we can get some of the following sequences and more: If you haven’t got it right, then you can visit the following sites where they have described it in very much detail. For a start just look to produce the sound. There are lots of instruments used in various types of musical genres.

Just relax and take your baxics. This note is ‘ Sa ‘.

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This seems counter intuitive at first, but makes sense if you keep in mind that the scale begins with 3 holes closed. For example, you could play: Anonymous 3 September at Matt Dubuque 21 June at Prashanth Kumar 8 July at The idea is here is just to hold the flute up to your mouth so the the blowing hole is under your lips.

Anonymous February 5, at 9: Until and unless a guruyou can’t play flute well.

Music always stands for the broader outrage of life in the society. This is possible because ‘hertz’ are measurable units of vibrations per second. Put your hand on your belly and take a deep breath so that your belly begins to stick out.

If you go back and read it properly you might understand what i am trying to say. Please update about the mistakes you encountered too. Hi, you have said that for the small hand we can select c or d do both have different sounds?

I am so sad because I may not be able to play bansuri well because of that condition. RebelAngel Killer62 February 12, at 1: If your hands are medium then go for Bassics. This is notated as ‘ M ‘. And gradually with practice we can move on to higher bansuris such as F, F or E. Rohan Jais 27 February at You literally tap the hole of the note – on and off very quickly.


Basics of the Bansuri – Lesson 1 | Radha Madhav Dham

The information you gathered is helpful. Bansuri Player 18 December at A good way to imagine this is by thinking of a garden hose. Unknown 29 September at It is far more important to get a sound first before basice try to cover the holes and learn the notes.

Of course if you are left handed you will use opposite hands.

Radha Madhav Dham

The upper octave is reached by changing your mouth shape embouchure which refocuses the air. The basic scale is as follows; I have added rainbow colours for ease of visualization. This first step concentrates on getting the sound.