The Art of Worldly Wisdom is a book written in by Baltasar Gracián y Morales, better known as Baltasar Gracian. It is a collection of maxims, each with. The Art of Worldly Wisdom has ratings and reviews. 7jane said: This book wasn’t quite what I expected, yet it was still a good experience. If y. 74 quotes from The Art of Worldly Wisdom: ‘Never open the door to a lesser evil, for other and greater ones invariably slink in after it.’.

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Sometimes curbing her, sometimes giving her rein, for she is the whole of happiness.

It is a matter of great importance to forego superlatives, in part to avoid offending the truth, and in part to avoid cheapening your judgment. Excellent series of lessons that people from all walk’s of life can enjoy and learn from. Maybe same editions 4 50 Apr 07, Deceit reigns, and things are judged from without, and are balghasar what they seem.

Quotes from The Art of Worldl The language used is not contemporary, and it has been translated I am sure with the inflections of the translator. Prendere in controllo le speranze, le illusioni e i disinganni oltre che le paure. Baltasar Gracian, in the Pocket Oracle, has accomp I have friends who read The Prince like a bible, and its true that Machiavelli is worthy of repeated study, both as a period piece and window into the Renaissance Italian soul, and as possibly the most notorious treatise on Realpolitik ever written.

It’s perhaps comforting to know that the book was written years ago, and the world is still pretty much the same now as it was then. The only book you will ever need to put your best face forward, guard against people, and generally be prepared for anything that life can throw your way.


She sets to rights even the understanding. No one ever has an opportunity of fathoming him entirely. Praise awakens curiosity, which begets desire, and later, when the goods seem overpriced, as often happens, expectation feels cheated and avenges itself by running down the praised and the praiser.

Some merited a better century, for all that is good does not always triumph. Aug 24, Nick rated it it was amazing. Jul 11, Frederik rated it really liked it. Fashions have their periods and even the greatest virtues, their styles. Some were so astonishingly manipulative that I felt I were reading a handbook for sociopaths.

So I decided on this small handbook of paragraph-long aphorisms. I was very mechant with Macchiavel by advising you to substitute Gracian to him. Jul 17, Gregorycox rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Return to Book Page. I understand that this isn’t a book that you exactly “critique” because it’s a renown oracle from the 17th century.

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It is the mark of cultivated agt to enjoy everything at its best. I’d rather be wary of a person who would put blame on me rather than be the blamer. He had the arrogance of those which know their talent. Also, The Art of Worldly Wisdom contains only aphorisms, considerably less than the Maxims while packing the same amount of substance or more.

Very insightful and thought provoking. This is the Penguin grxcian, so you of course have the value added of their wonderful introductions, with historical references anchoring Gracian’s life and the impact of the Oracle itself.

Fan of this book? Continuous luck is always suspect; more secure is that which changes. Very applicable and timeless wisdom.

The Art of Worldly Wisdom Quotes

Though half bitter and half sweet, it is more satisfying to the taste. No trivia or quizzes yet. Goodreads helps you keep track of bslthasar you want to read. Translation keeps out most world-play and puns, since they don’t translate well. Disillusion is sometimes good, it helps in looking behind appearances, where danger and opportunities may hide.


The Art of Worldly Wisdom

The remarkable best-seller — a long-lost, year-old book of wisdom on how to live successfully yet responsibly in a society governed by self-interest — as acute as Machiavelli yet as humanistic and scrupulously moral as Marcus Aurelius. Centuries later we see people, society and their perception and judgment didn’t really change that much at all.

One which would be on my Currently Reading shelf for a long, long time, if I didn’t plan to tuck it away and just read a passage or two every so often.

It is the book of someone which mixed with the power without practising it like Macchiavel and which knew to keep cold blood. Jan 20, Feathers Scott rated it it was amazing.

Will pick up again when feeling a little better about myself. Gracian’s Art of Worldly Wisdom is a collection of maxims containing excellent, practical advice; very Senecan, and, at times, Machiavellian in sentiment but much more “Know a little more and live a little less.

The Art of Worldly Wisdom – Wikipedia

To overvalue something is a form of lying. Feb 07, Mohammad rated it it was amazing. Jul 23, Sarah Ansani rated it it was ok Shelves: Want to Read saving….