Manifesto Samajwadi Party, Bahujan Samaj Party, Trinamul Congress and Biju Janata Dal are all committed to implement the capital-centered program . BSP president Mayawati said on Sunday that her party would not release Mayawati said, “During Lok Sabha election campaign, Prime. Don’t get fooled by manifestos: BSP. Staff Reporter. KOLKATA, April 01, 14 IST Bahujan Samaj Party supremo Mayawati being garlanded by.

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Financial resources The toughest round comes next — an interview with party chief Mayawati. Let’s work together to keep the conversation civil. Ajaz Ashraf is a journalist in Delhi. Lynching is State terrorism.

Bahujan Samaj Party – Wikipedia

Punjab 1 Uttar Pradesh 3 [43]. Electricity Workers in Maharashtra Step up the Struggle against…. It is a shameful and a criminal conduct.

No coalition of regional bourgeois parties can do so. BSP chief Mayawati addressing a press conference. In this sense, the party, in the manner of the Army, keeps assessing the social ambience to alter its strategies accordingly.

Poor show in Delhi to cost BSP its national party status

A key party member said it would have been impossible for him to undertake party work if his brother did not support him financially. Views Read Edit View history. In the run-up to the Uttar Pradesh Assembly election ofa new unit — the now famous bhaichara brotherhood committee — was grafted to the Bahujan Samaj Party pyramid.

Sep US imperialism is the most ferocious enemy bahujna humanity. Politics List of political parties Politics of India. Geopolitics Escalation of Israeli attacks against Gaza. In spite of widespread rejection by workers, peasants and other self-employed strata, the ruling class is hell-bent on pursuing the program of globalisation of Indian capital, through liberalisation and privatisation. Sep Condemn the arrest and persecution of human rights….


The strategic aim of the Communist Ghadar Party of India is the building of a socialist and communist society free from exploitation of persons by persons.

Delhi Assembly Election However, should the party win the election, all the committees will be dissolved and reconstituted, said an important Bahujan Samaj Swmaj official. While the official in-charge has to be a Jatav, the other four members are drawn from the more numerous caste groups manifeesto the district.

Haryana Multi-Purpose Health Workers strike work. Anarchy, violence and terror serve…. The party could manage only 80 seats in as against in assembly elections.

The development may not come as good news to party supremo Mayawati as the Election Commission is set to take a call on its show-cause notice to BSP manifesro to why praty national party status should not be withdrawn.

Without being put on trial for a partu crime against humanity, such as its destructive occupation of Iraq, US imperialism has brazenly continued to spread lies and criminally intervene anywhere it pleases. They usually promise what the people want, including the eradication of poverty and hunger, homelessness, illiteracy and ill health, corruption in politics, etc. Demand that all those who are communists, smaaj those who are for the emancipation of the toiling masses, deliberate seriously on this program so that all the healthy political forces in our country can take up one single program to save India and open the path to all-round progress.

Login from existing account Facebook Google Email. Primary education to all regardless of caste and creed was one of his most significant priorities. Oct The struggle of workers for a guaranteed living wage: The agenda of the paryy bourgeoisie will advance, wreaking havoc on the toiling masses and on the self-reliance and sovereignty of India. He has not finished even one fourth of his work. Recent decades have witnessed a rapid rise in the degree of criminalization of politics, of state terrorism and communal violence.


Poor show in Delhi to cost BSP its national party status – The Hindu

Unite around the program to reconstitute the Indian Republic and reorient the economy to ensure prosperity and protection for all! Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. Oct Move to deceive the peasantry once again.

The dogfight between the BJP and Congress Party is over which one of them can provide the kind of political leadership that the Indian imperialist bourgeoisie needs at this time, to sort out inter-bourgeois contradictions and crush the resistance of the workers and peasants. We have sent you a verification email. What is blocking the way to the aprty of this possibility is the concentration of ownership amnifesto the means of production in a few private hands, leading to the domination of the exorbitant claims of capitalist monopolies for the maximum rate of return on every rupee they advance.

BSNL employee unions defer proposed strike. Of these, the last factor is considered paramount. If we communists do not rise to the occasion, the worker-peasant front cannot be built damaj a powerful political force.

He has done exemplary works against Brahminical dominance, caste prevalence and women oppression in Tamilnadu. Archived from the original on 3 November Ramasamyan Indian social activist, freedom fighter and politician who started the Self-Respect Movement. It is a closed-door meeting attended by key members from zilla, sector and booth committees.

There are, therefore, 30 sector committees. The Financial Express in Latin. Exposure by Retired CEC: