AudioQuest cables and other audio products combine solid conductors, high- purity metals, specialized geometries, and stable dielectrics to enable naturally. March AudioQuest Sky Interconnects and Volcano Speaker Cables. by Marc Mickelson. “Sky [is] a reference-level interconnect, one of the very best on the. Enjoy the experience of 4K content with help from this AudioQuest Sky HDMI cable. The 4-foot length lets you connect components without leaving extra.

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Specialization applies to audio cables as readily as audio electronics and speakers. The audioqjest of the difference is similar to that of swapping out an entire set of cables, which is to say that the sound is utterly changed.


The auudioquest, air and quietude these sy bring to music are very convincing and, moreover, seductive. It was as though there were more sonic pixels and they were nudged closer together, presenting a soundscape that was sharp, rich and vibrant all at the same time.

However, these things don’t apply to Sky and Volcano. Hearing a favorite recording sound more spacious and liquid is a treat that Sky and Volcano deliver every time. Sound Volcano “has a big, robust presentation that’s not particularly light or dark, fast or slow.

I immediately wondered if some particular amount of DC voltage was optimal, or if more voltage was mo’ better. This is a audiquest that other cables companies embrace, but it is applied in different ways. Sky is AudioQuest’s top-of-the-line interconnect, while Volcano is a step down from Everest in terms of speaker-cable offerings.

Also, the cables I receive are almost always from the same grouping in a company’s product line and often use the same materials. If I could choose either audioqudst not have to pay for them!

Used audioquest sky for Sale |

I corresponded with AudioQuest’s Joe Harley two years ago about reviewing some of his company’s cables, and he told me then that AudioQuest had some special new interconnects and speaker cables in development that would soon dky available. We audiophiles split reproduction not only into different components, akdioquest those components often consist of separate chassis that are optimized to perform a few functions exceptionally well.


What I found was that after listening for weeks with DBS, listening without it led to a less spacious, more blunt presentation, which made the music sound smaller. It sounded just a touch sweet.

Best Product Debut Review Summary Sound Volcano “has a big, robust presentation that’s not particularly light or dark, fast or slow. Detail is never thrust at you — there is no forwardness or aggression — but every musical gesture, no matter how small, is present and aky for.

Five years parts and labor. Break-in is vital with the Cardas cables — they sound pretty awful without at least 50 hours of time on them — and a non-issue with Sky and Volcano.

Golden Reference sounded rather like the Volcano speaker cables alone — very good at everything with nothing calling attention to itself. While you can put together a fine audio system that has as few as four separate “boxes” CD player, integrated amp, and a pair of speakersyou can also buy digital rigs that have that many chassis by themselves.

Sky is AudioQuest’s top interconnect and uses silver conductors, while Volcano has a similar geometry to the top speaker cable but uses copper conductors. AudioQuest Sky and Volcano are a sonic accomplishment, and even at their prices represent good value given their competition. Terry Evans’ Blues for Thought [Pointblank 8 2] and John Hammond’s Wicked Grin [Pointblank 8 2] are on the same label and sound very spacious, with Wicked Grin possessing the bigger audioquuest end.

If they are the standard-bearers of some new kind of specialization in high-end audio, I say bring it on!

Sky’s conductors are welded at amps to the interconnect’s RCA or XLR connectors, both of which are a deep blue and have the cable’s name printed on their outer casings.

Comparing the sound of these two cable sets is an exercise in unearthing and explaining subtlety, as sonic differences were never huge.

I feel confident in proclaiming AudioQuest Sky a reference-level interconnect, one of the very best on the market, and a sure Reviewers’ Choice.

On the other hand, I could argue that Sky and Audioqust are more neutral because they let more of the space, smoothness and silence of each recording pass. However, in combination with Sky, Volcano took on a slightly lighter, more energetic character that I preferred to Golden Reference.


An improved version of Type 4 speaker cable, for instance, is still in AudioQuest’s product lineup nearly 15 years after it was first introduced. As far as I’m concerned, those listeners who say they can’t hear the effect of the DBS aren’t letting it charge or drain, aren’t listening closely enough, or are letting their biases cloud their judgment.

SoundStage! Equipment Review – AudioQuest Sky Interconnects and Volcano Speaker Cables (3/)

Home Audio Equipment Review. I began my listening with Volcano and a full set of Cardas Golden Reference interconnects, which I had been using and enjoying for some time. Instead, it audiowuest astounding. How well the cables accomplish the task of passing the musical signal is the trick, however. Volcano and especially Sky are detailed cables, but not apparently so. Volcano sounded very good from the beginning, and I can’t say that its sound changed over time.

There was extreme air and extreme smoothness coupled with a more absolute sense of background silence — a combination that made it easier to hear deeply into recordings and never feel as though some ugly byproduct was lurking around the corner. The 16 copper conductors are of four different sizes so that any sonic character from one size is offset by the others, a feature AudioQuest calls Spread Spectrum Technology.

After that I reinserted Volcano and went completely AudioQuest. Still, I was interested in AudioQuest’s DBS and in discovering if it did indeed represent a credible new approach to specialization in audio cables. Volcano resides between these two hues — a very light gold, let’s say. AudioQuest calls its application Counter-Spiraling Earth-Feature Geometry, and it makes for a speaker cable that’s thick and somewhat stiff.

Volcano “has a big, robust presentation that’s not particularly light or dark, fast audioquset slow.