Anviz OA – biometric indentification and access control. ·OA is the fingerprint time attendance and access control system designed for ·Anviz optical fingerprint sensor, scratch-proof, unbreakable and durable. OA is the fingerprint time attendance and access control system designed Anviz optical fingerprint sensor, scratch-proof, unbreakable and durable.

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It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. After the allocation of the shift, the arranged working date and time can be seen clearly for each staffer.

Anviz OA280

Wrong pressing finger method: When the setting is completed, it is usually not needed to be modified unless the management rules of this company changes. Log in system and the following interface will be displayed: Staffer shift or temporary shift is incorrect. Please download the records from the unit before report calculation. Add one unit regardless the number after the minimum unit is.

Firstly tick Run timing downloading record item, then set timing downloading function. Please refer to illustration of pressing finger. Only calculate the total times, display the accumulated times in report. Too wet finger with oil or cosmetics Clean fingers with towel 5.


Please select your target directory of your export, file format txt or xls and the file name. If reactivate real-time function, the info will be totally cleared, but the attendance records in the list will not be cleared.

Fingerprint not enrolled yet Place enrolled finger. The style is Windows XP system style as following, Black 4. The following window will prompt: First, setup necessary timetables. After the system is initialized, all information will be lost; the system will get back to the state when just installed.

Attendance Report Print Report: Each staffer can only have one shift. During real-time monitor oa80, when each staff passes attendance, there will pop-up the staff info aniz the right-down corner likes following shows, 4. For instance, the company rule requires the working hours be This page ajviz the stat.

Meanwhile, the modification will take effect and be saved. If the number after the minimum unit is equal to or over 0.

You can save the records that have been treated. After success, the interface will show below, Register the second finger in the same way. The following window ka280. The management password can be Unit power break for a long time time turn to zero as default Please refer to the manual for time synchronization 2. Staffer management interface is as following, 24 4.


Anviz OA User manual |

Please note there should be no blank left. Please refer to Pic5. Aviz out of this time range will be treated as invalid ones. And if there are time attendance records of this staffer, those records 54 will be deemed as free overtime. The interface is as following, After real-time monitor prohibited, real-time monitoring records info will still exist. OA can control door lock for access control.

From the above flowchart, we can see that if there is an error in 4 calculation report for one staff, the possible reasons are as follows: Add up the total time and then round according to corresponding unit. Please refer to the next chapter for more details.