The Illusion (Animorphs #33) [K. A. Applegate] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Discovering that the Yeerks possess a weapon that can. Book Thirty-Three, The Illusion. Ifi: Well that blows. Adam: Ifi: The Animorphs are outnumbered literally millions to one. They need every. The Illusion | Download & Read The Animorphs E-Books.

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Cassie, Marco, and I continued our meager surveillance of the banquet area. Marco jumped in, with his “A to B” attitude in full swing. And dancing with him would definitely overflow my cup of happiness. He came to me later and told me he felt he was losing himself. It felt good to hear Jake say I was indispensable.

It is a calm before the storm, of course—nothing lasts forever and the war is far from over, with everything about to get worse. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. I think Tasset’s punching in a code word, but. Human MainFlea.

So much for talking to Tobias on the way. Like an Andalite eating food, I think its the same type of thing, where the Yeerk allows itself to be obessessed with getting that attention that it probably couldn’t even comprehend existed in the Yeerk state. Ilusion am so incredibly glad they did, but whoa; even as an adult this illision my heart out and stomps on it.

As soon as the words were out of my head, I realized how dumb that sounded coming from a fly. He looked slightly panicked, but as I draped my hands around his neck, he calmed down.

But visible through those Andalite eyes was an evil that still struck fear in my heart. The scenes of the damage that is done to Tobias during the torture sessions is pretty vivid.


This page was last edited on 2 Aprilat You see several key character shifts in multiple characters as the blog writer pointed out.


As if a several-thousand-year-old android would care about smoking. Being trapped as a human would put him out of the fight, and Jake would lose one of his warriors. He knew I had tried to trap him in morph. A space ship crashed in the construction site. These images are ilusion to be passed through DNA.

Return to Book Page. Responsible leader Jake and brave Rachel – it makes sense that they’d volunteer first, though Ax is better for the mission and Tobias is much better.

The Illusion

This may just be the three Game of Thrones books I recently shotgunned talking, but sometimes the point of a hostage isn’t to trade him for anything – it’s just to have him. But Marco likes to make it seem like I don’t care about anyone but Tobias.

I liked the change of pace in confusing the Yeerks about their plan versus sabotaging the device or event itself. Apr 14, Tye rated it really liked it. No, of course I’m not okay that he has to be a nothlit, but for this book, I’m just glad he is a nothlit. Tobias’ hawk issues sure sure showed up quickly, but slightly differently than his usual angst. Cassie and Marco were animorphz only ones in the barn when I got there. The hawk-human thing has always been a see-saw deal for him, and just about every book narrated by him has him re-adjusting that balance.

I know it didn’t come off as light as I had wanted it to.

The Illusion | Seerowpedia | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Taylor the girl is unstable at best, and cause is obvious. It was hard to believe that the majority of these people were under the control of Yeerks. Second in command to Visser Three in this part of space. Actually, I thought that when he told her to be the ‘real rachel’ it wasso that he could convince himself that rachel and this freak were not alike.


I remember once soon after he’d been trapped in morph when he tried to fly into a wall and then through a window. How come Marco was having more fun than me?

Our favorite toys for everyone on your list. Emmy May 12, at 8: Discover Prime Book Box for Kids. He wasn’t watching the clock.

I’m losing my grip! What Tobias went through was painful to read and also what Rachel went through was a good reflection of 32 and almost redeems it for me He was busy animorlhs whatever bad news Erek had told him. Sign In Don’t have an account? The fate of the human race was at stake. Especially because they have this big thing going on, this new community center.

I thought Ax and the kids could not use thought speak as humans, but Ax thouggt speaks to Tobias while Ax is in human morph. Jake just isn’t the one to go.

The Animorphs and Ax realize they have to get anijorphs of the device — or be captured by the Yeerks. Also, I never did get why Tobias permanently turning Human was an issue, not when they still have the Morphing Cube, and it could give him his morphing ability back.