The latest Tweets from Andy Yosha (@AndyYosha): “Hey everone, I’m closing My genius coder just showed me the progress of the new forum. View Andy Yosha’s profile on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional community. Andy has 1 job listed on their profile. See the complete profile on LinkedIn. PUA Training’s Daygame Blueprint reviews by real consumers and expert editors . See the good and bad of Andy Yosha, Tom Torero, Yad’s advice.

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So, first you should know Yad and see him in action. Yad has another infield footage clip here where he breaks down what he’s doing when talking to two girls.

Andy Yosha

So with this in mind, women already have this mindset and they KNOW they’re going to be approached by multiple guys. Andy used his communication skills and even his personal experience to teach students how to woo girls on the streets of London by using direct, sincere, and authentic approach.

Why don’t they clean up the audio in a program like Audacity or something? He talks about how the opening line you might use with great success on the street would be a bad idea in a coffee shop or on public transport. If you did that, your infield videos would be better than anyone else’s. It’s mostly for any area outside of a Bar or Nightclub type of scene. The Ex Factor Guide.

Day Game Blueprint is a training program for men who went to meet women any time of the day any place. There are some great presentations by guest speakers that cover topics on a broad spectrum. So what about Day Game?

Without any doubt, Andy has worked really hard to turn himself into a successful daygame instructor, and during this process he spoke to thousands of women in order to refine his skills.


Adam Lyons discusses how to meet women during the day with entourage game; Colin talks about how to have open relationships and have threesomes; A J and Jordan Harbinger give you their proven texting strategies and there’s a number of tracks from the guys at Authentic Man Program.

Buy from Product Owner. It doesn’t HAVE to be day light out to do it. And most of all… make meeting women fun! So, an approach from you is unexpected and will immediately dsygame you apart from all the rest. Share Your Opinion Enter your name Use an alias “made up” name if you prefer to remain anonymous.

Write your own review. The Language of Lust. This is the best way to learn daygame meeting and attracting women during the day.

Daygame Blueprint Reviews

Reviewed by magarcia February 11, As the course is already quite long, this section could have been cut from the DVDs without losing anything of value. Some of the questions called out by audience members can’t be heard in some instances when they aren’t given a microphone.

Secrets of 5 Minute Chemistry. And there is no qualm that he has helped thousands of men to get their dream girlfriend.

Innovativeness Is it something totally new? During that time, he was completely focused and did not have any intentions of getting into the field of pick up artists.

Also, even though they talk about street approaches primarily, they also talk about coffee shops and other venues. They show you exactly how to approach a woman and capture her xaygame while she walks down the street to do whatever it is she’s doing.

The Summer of Daygame (Part One)

At present, Andy spends most of his time working daygams the scenes to make Any. Reviewed by Alan Burns June 06, Well, almost everybody does. Really interesting presentation with a lot of deep insights into human behviour that can make a big difference to your inner game. Is it easy to apply to your life? While there is a good attempt made to make sure they are given a microphone, there are times that this doesn’t happen. Reviewed by action April 02, Click “Submit” to send your review!


Because there is so much detail here, there is nothing that is left out. The goal was simple: That being said, as much as I enjoy going out to the bars and clubs from time to time and have a good time. I’m personally a big fan of the Day Game concept more so than Night game.

What Could Have Been Improved Because this is a filmed seminar, there are a number of times the guests are asking questions throughout. And his demonstrations of how he remains unreactive and handles the situation when his attempts at escalation don’t go smoothly are very educational. The area of attraction is covered in detail, including how to challenge a woman when you just meet her and how to ‘flip the script’ after you compliment her so you don’t give her all of the power. Right off the bat they show you how to approach women in the Streets.

Very detailed product that covers everything you could want to know about meeting women during the daytime.