The Rules of Play. The current version in play is Newest Version of the rules goes active Amtgard wide January 1st, Rulebook. Amtgard V8 Rules Documents. V8 Rule Books and Change Logs. Current Rules: V8 Current. Early Playtest Editions: V8 Rules ยท V8 to Change Log. please consider the following when reading through this rulebook, and when applying the rules on the feld: 1. Amtgard requires cooperation, honor, and fair play.

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Contrary to urban legend, Amtgard is neither a Scandinavian word for “the middle ground,” nor an acronym for the founding members. Any combination of 2 limb shots rulebokk kills the player’s character.

8.0 Rulebook

Reminder, ALL documents here are free to download for personal use. Each has different criteria, with some minor variations from Kingdom to Kingdom. Elements from steampunk and post apocalyptic fiction are not unheard of, and the only real rule governing a characters back story is that they be compatible with a swords and sorcery setting.

A number of slang terms have evolved within the Amtgard community, [6] a few of the most common are as follows:.

Each kingdom is a Not-For-Profit Organization registered in their state of origin. Two important structures in Amtgard culture are the Fighting Company and the Household, both voluntary memberships. Spell points are used to purchase various “Magics” which vary from a healing spell to the ability to turn an ally into an Undead Minion. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Non-combat oriented talents and attributes are often left up to the imagination rklebook actual capabilities of the players or rules specified in a scenario.


Rulebook – AmtWiki

October Learn how and when to remove this template message. The weapons are boffer weapons with less emphasis on realism and more emphasis on safety but a player’s physical ability, rather than game-based attributes as with other LARPs, determines the outcome allowing for a more realistic experience.

As well as information that we would expect to find in our corpora today. These funds went right into his pocket rulebooj became a very sore spot of contention with club members. If a player struck in the leg is kneeling and then raises the wounded knee off the ground, it is a valid target. The most sought after title in Amtgard is that of Knight.

The ruling body of each sub-chapter can also create awards for specific actions or talents that aren’t included in the standard selection. Live-action battle gaming Live-action role-playing games Role-playing games introduced in Conversely, scripted “quests” can involve just a dozen or two participants, and may involve puzzles as well as combat.

For instance, one player might play an Assassin, and another, a Warrior. The abilities of the classes are generally related to combat.

Easygard Mobile Amtgard

However, ONLY contracted Amtgard groups are permitted to make multiple copies of any of them for use within their lands. Retrieved from ” https: Newest Version of the rules goes active Amtgard wide January 1st, In this version shield bashing, and grappling are legal.

The quals zip contains documents that are handy for running the Crown Qualification events, and the New Lands zip holds all the documents listed below. What remains to us from history includes the basic tenets of our game today. A Fighting Company is essentially a military structure, much like a “clan” in any multi-player video game, whereas a Household is devoted to some cultural or personal goals, such as the arts, benevolence, common interests, etc.


A common theme of medieval and fantasy feudalism runs through even the official level. Amtgard combat is resolved with actual physical fighting, though there are some rules in place to enhance safety.

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The ditch battle, or trench battle, is a simple form battle that involves weapon use only, not full class play. Retrieved from ” https: Of the 12 Amtgard classes, 4 are considered to be “Magic Casters”. Armor breaking attacks will remove one point of armor from a location with more than three points, and all remaining points from a location with 3 or less points.

If you became prime minister of Burning Lands and you were not yet a knight, you became one when you stepped down. Amtgard has given birth to a few splinter groups, notably amtgagd High Fantasy Society. Offered for free, both the corpora and the rulebook are here. Archived from the original PDF on Views Read Edit View history. Squires follow their Knights and urlebook them to the fullest of their abilities, on the field and off, in exchange for their tutelage.