What does talk of meaning mean? All thinking consists in natural happenings in the brain. Talk of meaning though, has resisted interpretation in terms of. Meaning and Normativity. Allan Gibbard*. In the past dozen years, phrases like ” the normativity of meanin have swept into the philosophy of language. Meaning and Normativity, by AllanGibbard. Oxford: Oxford University Press, , xiv + pp. ISBN ‐0‐19‐‐4 hb £

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The result applies to itself: Conclusion I hope that this splendid book will find a wide normayivity. Therefore, if Pierre is a speaker of French who has undefeated evidence that snow is white, Pierre ought to accept “La niege est blanche. Classical, Early, and Medieval Prose and Writers: Gibbard faces these questions squarely and offers attractive answers. Gibbard modifies the commonsense notion of a plan in several ways.

Meaning and Normativity – Oxford Scholarship

Reconciling Our Aims Allan Gibbard. Judgments of synonymy are explained as follows: Meaning as a Normative Concept. There are good reasons for these views. Two Dogmas of Empiricism.

Theories can generally be captured by Carnap sentences, but this is not true of the norkativity devices. Oxford University Press, Often, the relevant facts will allow us multiple ways of forming idealized pictures of use, and will therefore permit a number of ways of assigning meaning to an expression as equally valid.

Naturalism I will wind up with a short inquiry into norjativity relationships between Gibbard’s theory of meaning and naturalistic theories. Henry Jackman – manuscript.

The “ought” is part of an instruction to the effect that the correspondence should be exploited in a certain way.

I turn now to a different set of issues, beginning with a question about the contents of concepts nromativity attitudes.

Roughly, Clara believes this synonymy claim if she plans to use the sentence ‘Les chiens aboient’ if she is Pierre as she plans to use the sentence ‘Dogs bark’ in case she is me.


As far as I can see, it makes sense to develop a naturalistic nad of linguistic meaning, doing one’s best to resolve indeterminacies, but tolerating them if they prove stubborn. Knowledge and its Limits.

Sign in Create an account. Ignorance and Moral Obligation Michael J. But a priori equivalence seems not to be enough, for it seems that sentences can fail to be analytically equivalent even though they bear the same relationship to bodies of evidence.

Meaning and Normativity

On his view, this is because the concept of reference is normative. Strongest forms of expressivism and nonnaturalism converge in their theses, but not in their explanations. At various points he broadens this claim to apply to the representational contents of concepts and propositional attitudes. Expressivism has two prongs: Gibbard rejects this approach because he doubts that it can account for the fact that the entailments hold invariably and automatically — that is, irrespective of agents’ plans, interests, and background beliefs.

Cotnoir and Donald L. Academic Skip to main content. Allan Gibbard – – Philosophical Issues 5: Thus, Newtonian physics asserts that there is a single quantity, Newtonian mass, that fulfills both the principle that momentum equals mass times velocity and the principle that the mass of an entity is constant across frames of reference.

Gibbard might answer that naturalistic accounts of these kinds are in principle incapable of supporting precise and determinate assignments of linguistic meaning. Being Realistic about Reasons T.

From the Publisher via CrossRef no proxy tandfonline. Our Faithfulness to the Past Sue Campbell. Semantic Normativity and Semantic Causality. Quine despaired of finding a factual basis for determining whether “gavagai” refers to rabbits, undetached rabbit parts, or undetached rabbit stages, and Kripke maintained that there are no factual grounds for preferring to treat the plus sign as standing for addition rather than a bizarre operation he called “quaddition.


In French, “La niege est blanche” means that snow is white. Meaning and Normativity Allan Gibbard.

Meaning and Normativity – Hardcover – Allan Gibbard – Oxford University Press

I also owe a large debt to Allan Gibbard, who gave me very helpful comments on earlier versions of this review. Thus, since his theory of meaning invokes obligations to form beliefs in various evidential circumstances, he is committed to saying that there can be plans for forming beliefs, or, more precisely, for changing existing degrees of credence. Even if Gibbard is right in thinking that this story will fail to assign fully determinate contents to expressions, that does not deprive it of interest.

Generally speaking, their contents are not articulable, in the sense that their users would not be capable of translating them into explicit beliefs or sentences. fibbard


Gibbard gives two main reasons for embracing his views about meaning. It isn’t an ought that lalan only to people who are interested in believing the truth, or only to people who want to have degrees of conviction that are in line with the weight of evidence. Of course, this by no means shows that Gibbard is wrong, but it does indicate that he has more work to do.

But I have some inclination to suppose that it actually abbreviates the following more complicated argument: Talk of meaning though, has resisted interpretation in terms of anything that is clearly natural, such as linguistic dispositions. Indeed, towards the end of the Preface pp.