Akhenaten’s “Hymn to the Sun”. Egyptian religion extremely varied from one time period to another. Cult of sun-worship spanning most of Egyptian history. You arise beauteous in the horizon of the heavens. Oh living Aten who creates life. When you shine forth in the Eastern horizon you fill every land with your. Written on the outside of the tomb of a deceased chief minister for the great king, Akhenaten, the hymn “Akhenaten’s Hymn to the Sun” was.

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Many livings believed in Gods and dedicated to the worships of the Gods. Comment by cuisines in pride of america hymmn June 28, 8: All men, herds And flocks, all on the earth that goes on its feet; and all that is in the sky and flies with its wings.

Great Hymn to the Aten

Lewis compared this hymn to the Psalms some time ago. Comment by ylfsylfs — May 29, 6: This Hymn could take place at any point in time because Aten is everlasting.

Redford argued that while Akhenaten called himself the son of the Sun-Disc and acted as the chief mediator between god and creation, kings for thousands of years before Akhenaten’s time had claimed the tp relationship and priestly role. Various courtiers’ rock tombs at Amarna ancient Akhet-Aten, the city Akhenaten founded have similar prayers or hymns to the deity Aten or to the Aten and Akhenaten jointly.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. You must be logged in to post a comment. Before much of the archaeological evidence from Thebes and from Tell el-Amarna became available, wishful thinking sometimes turned Akhenaten into a humane teacher of the true God, a mentor of Moses, a Christlike figure, a philosopher before his time.

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Redford, Biblical Archaeology Review Egypt and the Egyptians. The source of the Hymn is hieroglyphics and sum text of Psalm is Hebrew – so grammatical similarity is not something I can comment on. However Akhenaten’s case may be different through the emphasis placed on the heavenly father and son relationship. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Email required Address never made public.

He views the word ‘hymn’ as suggesting “outpourings of emotion” while he sees them akhejaten “eulogies, formal and rhetorical statements of praise” honoring Aten and the royal couple. The New International Version Bible states in Psalm verse 10 “He makes springs pour water into the ravines; it flows between the mountains.

When you shine forth in the Eastern horizon you fill every land with your beauty. The people of the world are in your hand Just as you have created them. Precursor of Mosiac monotheism or Egyptian anomaly? In some quarters, the argument for any form of influence is simply kahenaten outright.

Akhenaten’s Poem Of Praise To The Sun

The hymn-poem provides a glimpse of the religious artistry of the Amarna period expressed in multiple forms encompassing literature, new temples, and in the building of a whole new city at the site of present-day Amarna as the capital of Egypt. However, the setting would change the entire tone of the hymn. All sources of life and true happiness come from Aten. The land of Egypt, the foreign lands of Syria and Nubia too – You put every man in too place and fulfil his needs; Each one with his sustenance and the days of his life counted, Their language is different, And they look different; Their complexions are different, For you have distinguished the nations.


This was a totally new concept for the Egyptians and greatly changed the outlook of the people on religion and their ruler. To a Christian it is God that sets on a throne in heaven and it is God that created life. University of California Press. Smith has commented that “Despite enduring support for the comparison of the two texts, enthusiasm for even indirect influence has been tempered in ajhenaten decades. The Great Hymn to the Aten is the longest of one of a number of hymn-poems written to the sun-disk deity Aten.

This hymn deals with things that are new and glorious, but if one were to change the setting to a revelation, it would deal with death and destruction.

College EssaysEssays — kajarebecca 3: Wikisource has original text related to this article: I see from the wiki article that C. You alone rise in the form of the living Aten Shining afar, yet close at a,henaten. Perspectives on His Reign. The mention of lion and ship is not convincing to me – they are common observable things in the period and culture.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Akhenaten is a new kingdom pharaoh.