Now, cat in all likelihood is gonna b same as and , what should i do? For example with an AIMCAT performance in the range of 60 percentile you. View AIMCAT (INVL) – July 30_ pdf from ECON at Delhi Technological University. 1. ‘I’.I.M.E. Triumphant Institute of Harassment. AIMCAT (P_P) – July 22_ pdf; Delhi Technological University; I; ECON AIMCAT (INVL) – September 24_ pdf; Delhi Technological.

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I would suggest that since you are relatively stronger in LR, start with LR. My verbal is pathetic.

Admission to all programmes is strictly based on merit only. Last day strategy should be to relax and let your mind settle down. Hello Asim Sir asim: To be on the safer side, check with the MDI authorities.

[OFFICIAL] AIMCAT 1303 Discussion Thread (Please DON’T OPEN if you have not taken the test)

All questions carry equal marks. I am not able to get the ideas while I am solving the paper while writing exam. PLease also solve previous year papers as they provide good exposure to the various types of questions asked in the exam. The pattern can be expected to be similar to the mocks you may have assuming you got the latest ones. Sir, I am planning to dedicate this last month to reducing my mistakes Please make sure you fill your forms correspondingly.


SASTRA Deemed University

Quickly scan the Aimcxt caselets. But I get the ideas while I solve it after the exam. Reading and working on our study material will help.

Pls apply but FMS requires a higher cut off. Can I buy just the mocks online? Do not worry about what you have studied and what you have not.

They gave few hand outs and a book Assuming other things are in order.

I want to do MBA from Mass. Do try and finish the basic study material at least once. Radhakrishnan Office of the VC.

Keep in touch with your faculty for any insider information or last minute tricks. If that is really the case, send a mail to info time4education.

Then go for RC. Then you can study the additional note, if you still have time. Send an email to charltondcosta time4education.

Here, the comma after Kerala indicates that some extra info is being given. So ideally shouldn’t the ans be “Cannot be determined”?


In past the avg salary has been around 10 lakhs p. Please get in aimct with your nearest centre or drop a mail to info time4education.

Apply to both as they are equally good. Which colleges can I consider applying? Also, you need to look at other exams before taking a decision.