A Stillness at Appomattox has ratings and reviews. Eric said: Appomattox, one of “the homely American place-names made dreadful by war.” Appoma. Recounting the final year of the Civil War, this classic volume by Bruce Catton won both the Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Award for excellence. Find great deals on eBay for A Stillness at Appomattox in Books on Antiquarian and Collectibles. Shop with confidence.

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A Stillness at Appomattox

It is stiklness towards the enthusiast, but I feel anyone with a passing interest in the Civil War would thoroughly enjoy the book. Quotations of letters by Federal soldiers, personal diaries of spouses and relatives, memoirs of soldiers and their families and official war records add to the drama.

But the stories about what was going on inside the heads of the pe This is the third book of the famous Bruce Canton trilogy about the Civil War. He gives fair treatment to all whether they be Confederates, black Union soldiers, stragglers, deserters, heroes and cowards.

Aug 26, Evan stilljess it it was amazing Shelves: The works of Bruce Catton continue to excite and engage historians and non-historians alike due to their remarkable style and perspicacity.

Oliver Jensen, who succeeded him as editor of American Heritage magazine, wrote: We live again with them their exhaustion, frustration and fury—and their courage, determined will, and compassion for each other as well as for the enemy soldiers they faced.

All the hopes and fears of the Union now rested on him. But, the war had grown and their was very minimal chances of peace.

He placed Ulysses S. Catton writes stilllness such a captivating, descriptive, realistic style that at times I felt immersed in the story, as if I was there myself. Catton examines the endeavors of the Army of the Potomac, under the leadership of Lt.

Catton shows how, when the end finally came with Lee breaking out of st fortified position in the spring ofand sti,lness his exhausted army’s movements finally blocked at Appomattox Court House, the prevailing mood in the Army of the Potomac was relief instead of jubilation.


At Appomattox when Lee sends out a rider to Grant indicating that he will surrender, the soldiers on both sides sat in silence with great anticipation and astonishment. Every American generation beginning with the one that fought has st some kind of literary justice to this transformative conflict—our Great War and catalyst of modernity, as Gertrude Stein saw it. History of the American Frontier by Frederic L.

A Stillness at Appomattox

Jun 29, Elizabeth Kennedy rated it it was amazing Shelves: We see moments in which, but for this or that misstep, the way could have ended months maybe years earlier, saving untold thousands of lives. Nov 20, Monte Stilkness rated it it was amazing Shelves: The story of Grant and Lincoln meeting once it seemed like the outcome was determined but not yet reached has probably been told over and over.

If you are unfamiliar with Bruce Catton, he was arguably the most renowned and well-respected Civil War historian of the 20th century. But did he know what he was talking about re what caused it? I have read his short memoir z for the Morning Train” as well. He also provides some descriptions on battles that weren’t fought by the AotP but had an effect on the war nonetheless like the Shenandoah campai Though it started slow with Dahlgren’s Raid, once the author described the scene with Grant meeting Meade in taking over the strategic direction of the Army of the Potomac, the book became a great read.

Voyagers to the West: In his book, he passes the poetical feeling along to us.

A Stillness at Appomattox by Bruce Catton

Books stillnsss Bruce Catton. Lincoln’s Army” and “Glory Road” take the reader through the first two and a half years of war. Catton takes his readers through the epic struggle, as they follow the army through some of the toughest fighting of the war from the battles of Chancellorsville and the Wilderness, through Cold Harbor, stil,ness sie Bruce Catton was a literary genius.


Jun 19, Riannon rated it it was amazing. It includes amazing scenes: This is a good book to read in order to understand the command structure, the middle leadership of the Army and the logistics of getting an Army ready to attack and then pressing forward, failing and pressing forward ever so slowly cutting supply lines and turning Lee’s flank around Petersburg.

Oliver Jensen, who succeeded him as appomattod of American Heritage magazine, wrote: Standing near the edge of the Crater, I could almost see the stunned expressions on the faces of those who saw the land rupture and explode from within, and hear their anguished cries.

In this game, the boys played soldiers and mowed down advancing Rebels behind appomattxo roar of musket and rifle fire.

Many lights had died in the windy dark but far down the road there was always a gleam, and it was as if a legend had been created to express some obscure truth that could not otherwise be stated. Present at the Creation: The man who really stands out in all of this is Phil Sherid Bruce Catton is the Yankee version of Shelby Appomatgox, and I hardly have higher praise than that.

Tell me again how it went. The author brings us ever so gradually to the conclusion of the Civil War.

Catton retraces the last year of the Civil War from Ulysses S. For many people the text instigated a desire to study the American Civil War. Possibly the biggest difference between trenches in the Civil War and in World War I were how close they were to each other. Russia Leaves the War: