8, , Table of Contents (Masterformat ), , Table of Contents ( Masterformat ). 9, , List of Drawings, , List of Drawing Sheets. MasterFormat is a standard for organizing specifications and other written information for The last CSI MasterFormat publication to use the 16 divisions was in , and this is no longer supported by CSI. In November , MasterFormat. 16 Divisions refers to the 16 divisions of construction, as defined by the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI)’s MasterFormat. In , MasterFormat was updated and expanded to 50 Divisions. The following are the sixteen divisions listed in the Master Format Edition. Division 01 — General Requirement.

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Contract description s ; basic project conditions; work not shown on drawings. Interior and exterior finished carpentry and woodwork items. For concrete; seals by forming crystals in 19955 pores; positive or negative side.

(MasterFormat 1995 edition)

Rigid or semi-rigid boards of various types, plus batts and blankets. Cover sheet or placeholder for Agreement prepared separately. Thin stone veneer for exterior and interior walls, attached to structural backup. Hardwood strip, plank, and parquet flooring, glued to substrate. Glass or mineral fiber; cellulose fiber; stays put by masterfkrmat.

Ceramic, quarry, and paver tile for floor, wall, base, and stair tread; setting materials. Closed circuit television equipment and accessories for security monitoring. Mineral fiber acoustic tile ceiling finish.

  ICOM 2820H PDF

Steel wardrobe lockers, stock sizes; benches, locks. A Section is divided into three Parts—”general,” “products,” and “execution. Fluid-applied flooring of any type, except ground plastic matrix terrazzo. Colorless and colored; stamped slab or thick overlay; masteerformat and interior. Inner and outer metal skins and insulation core; prefinished; secondary framing. Gravity sanitary drain piping from building to sewer.

Multiple mail boxes; interior and exterior. Piped underground system; piping, sprinkler heads, valves, and controls. Packaged condensers, controls, starters, connections. Coatings applied to interior side of concrete floors and walls below grade. Reinforcing steel and required supports for cast-in-place concrete.

Preparing and submitting bids; bid security; conditions of acceptance. Multi-story applications; infill panels, operable sash, sunscreens. Shingles and shakes for installation on sloped wood decks.

Form for use if none of the standard supplements, A thru I, are appropriate. CDP2 Materials, construction, supports, cleaning; no seismic requirements.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Fabric-covered panels; back-mounted to walls or ceiling or as ceiling-hung baffles. Switches, pushbuttons, relays, timers, counters, control power transformers, panels.


Treatment of site masterforat with lime for physical stability prior to construction. Thin-film “paint-like” fire-resistive coating for exposed structural steel. Waste management plan; landfill diversion proposals; waste disposal reports. Annunciator and intercom equipment; call stations; master stations; power supply.


Enclosures; automatic controllers for AC induction motors; disconnects. Detailed schedule requirements augments Section Section outline with some standard language. System requirements; modules and balance of system components. Concrete roads, parking areas, sidewalks, median barriers, masterfogmat curbs, gutters.

Total flooding extinguishing; NFPA clean agent or carbon dioxide. Duct and cross-talk silencers, acoustic housings, duct lagging, acoustical louvers.

Construction Coding – Masterformat

Structural wood madterformat comprised of components 5 inches minimum thickness. Corrugated steel and concrete pipe culvert and accessories.

Milling or heating and removing, remixing, and replacing existing asphaltic concrete. Form for bidder entry of 1 expected rebate amounts or 2 known rebate items. Multi-ply felt roofing with asphalt or coal tar bitumen, including protected membranes. Inthey published a format for construction specifications, with 16 major divisions of work. Mineral granule surfaced asphalt composition shingles. External steam sources are mastedformat steam generating system.

CSI MasterFormat™ Division List

FAA-required building marking; helicopter pad landing lights. Factory-fabricated, commercial or institutional quality steel with laboratory fittings. This document is intentionally blank. Basic filling and backfilling for foundations, slabs-on-grade, and utilities.