Joint circular 01//TTLT-BNV-BTC 04//TT-BNV of June 21, , which guides the implementation of a number of Quyết định 08//QĐ-BNV. Number: 29//TTLT/BNG-BNV-BTC-BLDTBXH. SOCIALIST REPUBLIC OF VIET NAM. Independence – Freedom – Happiness. Ha Noi, November 08, //ND-CP of December 23, , providing for a number of regimes for . 50//TTLT-BTC-BNV conditions and procedures for the appoin Thuộc lĩnh vực máy hành chính, Kế toán – Kiểm toán và sẽ có hiệu lực kể từ ngày 25/08/

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He trained with British commandos in Ceylon in Besides the above, gtc also published some of the Tamil classics, with his explanatory notes and comments. He was both a prominent lyric poet and an outstanding satirical poet. Besides, he contributed several more noteworthy as well as controversial works on Japanese culture or the process of translation in modern Japan.

He was the hyphen between classical literature and modern literature. After gtlt through Harrow School and the University of Cambridge, he moved into evangelistic work in London.

Oriental Scholar – Vietnam Gazettes – No January

Huang Yuanyong Huang Yuanyong 15 January – 25 December was a renowned Chinese author and journalist during the late Qing Dynasty and early Republic of China Huang made significant contributions to journalism and literacy in China, particularly as an innovator in both journalistic methodology and writing style. He is the Gustavus F. National Professor Abdur Razzaq – November 28, was a noted scholar, academic, educator and intellectual in Bangladesh.

He specializes in the history of Islam and the interaction between Islam and the West, and is especially famous in 008 circles for his works on the history of the Ottoman Empire.

The basic for calculating overtime pay

Shao Young Shao is considered one of the most ttt men of his time. He also wrote in the main poetic genre of the Han era, a kind of poetry interspersed with prose called fu. Few items of his work survive today. Shao is considered one of the most learned men of his time. Ban Gu, courtesy name Mengjian, was a 1st century Chinese historian and poet best known for his part in compiling the Book of Han.


He was one of the most prominent Muslim leaders to support Hindu-Muslim unity. It also documents The Land Reform in Vietnam in Over the years, Evelyn’s Diary has been over-shadowed by Pepys’s chronicles of 17th-century life.

The basic for calculating overtime pay

Tirumular also spelt Thirumoolar etc. Evelyn’s diaries or Memoirs are largely contemporaneous with those of the other noted diarist of the time, Samuel Pepys, and cast considerable light on the art, culture and politics of the time he witnessed the deaths of Charles I and Oliver Cromwell, the last Great Plague of London, and the Great Fire of London in He is usually described by critics as a traditionalist and conservative but described himself as a conservative anarchist.

Judith Gautier 25 AugustParis – 26 December was a French poet and historical novelist, the daughter of Theophile Gautier and Ernesta Grisi, sister of the noted singer and ballet dancer Carlotta Grisi. Anagarika Dharmapala 17 September – 29 April was a leading figure of Buddhism in the twentieth century. He was well-versed in calligraphy, music, mathematics and astronomy. Hope, belonging to a neo-classical or Augustian movement in poetry, but his choice of subject matter is different in that he concentrates on writing long metaphysical narrative poems, combining Eastern subject matter with his own metaphysical journey to shape the narrative.

Norinaga also made vital contributions to establishing a native Japanese grammatical tradition, in particular the analysis of clitics, particles and auxiliary verbs. He died of illness in Beijing at the age of The latter part of the nineteenth century witnessed the birth of Ven. Mohammad Natsir 17 July – 6 February was a Islamic scholar and politician.


The major work of his retirement years was a three-volume commentary on Fukuzawa Yukichi’s Fukuzawa’s principal work Bunmeiron no Gairyaku, based on a lengthy seminar he conducted with a small working group.

His first hkit san poetry,Padauk pan Padauk flowerwas published in Hantha Kyemon pamphlet. Vishnu Sharma was an Indian scholar and author who is believed to bfc written the Panchatantra collection of fables.

His work, by opening up the relations of Platonism to the main questions of religion, contributed greatly to the extension of speculative thought in the department of theology. He practiced voluntary simplicity and was renowned as an inspiring lecturer and 088 Hanna Petros Hanna Petros was an Iraqi Assyrian composer and a scholar.

Silva was a best selling author of Sinhala literature. He wrote an influential treatise on cosmogony, the Huangji Jingshi Book of supreme world ordering principles Shao was a member of a group of thinkers who gathered in Luoyang toward the last three decades of the htc century.

The Yushima-Seido, which stood at the apex of the Tokugawa shogunate’s educational system; and Jussai was styled with the hereditary title “Head of the State University” Wani Wani Japanese: Okawa was transferred from the jail to the Tokyo Metropolitan Matsuzawa Hospital, a famous mental hospital, where he completed the first Japanese translation of the entire Quran.